After a Year – Organizing Your Home

revisiting organized spaces one year later

I realized recently that it’s been about a year since I organized certain parts of my home. I decided it might be a good idea to re-visit those areas and just see what things actually STAYED organized. Some areas have completely been revamped.  Some areas have amazingly stayed in the original organized state.  They got […]

A whole BUNDLE of books for a very low price

Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

Do you like to read books? I remember buying the Ultimate Homemaking bundle and enjoying it. Totally loved a few of the bonus products too. They also put out a Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle a while back that I enjoyed as well (although I liked the Homemaking one more. 😉 ) The Ultimate Christian Living […]

Remember our kitchen updates??

kitchen backsplash update

It dawned on me I had not put a post up at all with the new kitchen updates.  We are actually STILL working on one of the updates. It’s going to happen when my husband gets another weekend off. He works every other weekend. Remember how we updated the kitchen with a new sink and […]

As the dust settles heres a short update

It’s been forever and a day since I wrote a blog post..  Seems like a lot has happened and yet not much. You know how it goes. Life gets busy but when you really sit down it’s like, what kept me so busy!? As I was almost ready to drop this blog many times over […]

Major Kitchen Updates! New Sink! YAY!


Remember back when I said we MIGHT be selling our home? Well… fast forward to looking at many homes, going back and forth with selling not selling, to finally deciding on refinancing our home. It’s been a few months of uncertainty.   There were a few homes that peeked our interest, only to find out […]