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4 Memories in Music

I love music. I do think it’s something most people love honestly. There is just something about singing, or listening to beautiful music play. It can bring a surge of joy to your heart, or tears to your eyes.  I am picky about the music I listen to though, as I don’t want yuky stuff going into my brain.

Here are the 4 songs I love, and what memories they bring to me. I do enjoy many more, but would hate to clutter a post with hundreds of videos. 😉

Only You – Adie Camp

Memory – Simply just losing myself in Him. I am reminded of worshiping just driving in the car with this song. Sometimes I can just invision Him on the throne and me there singing to Him. Oh it can just brings me to tears literally.  Seeing Him will be glorious.


Surrender – Jeremy Camp

Memory – This is a song I listened to SO many times months before my Jeremiah was born. It’s actually a song that calms him down, as I sang this song on the way to the hospital to give birth to him.  It’s a deep song, and really hit home with me while learning to be a mother. Selfishness was something I learned I had LOTS of.  Not to say I’m selfless now, but I was much more selfish Jeremiah’s first year of life, and this song just reminds me how much I need to surrender to Jesus Christ, daily. He HAS to take over, I can’t do anything without Him.


The Way – Jeremy Camp

Memory – This is a song I sang a lot during the last month before Noah was born, hence I believe his love for this song.  If he is ever unhappy in the car, this is the song to play.

Not to mention THIS is my mindset lately. Jesus IS the way, the ONLY way.  I cannot WAIT to see Him. Soon.. Soon.. Maranatha!


Sufficient – Adie Camp

Memory – This is a song dear to me. I love the use of scripture with this one. Before children I was involved with a lot of interesting encounters spiritually.   I had to confront some people with things, and it was totally something I was weak at.  He was and is my strength.  He is sufficient for me. Love this song!


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    We always had music around since we were small, many songs I like are ones that when I hear them remind me of the place where I heard it and I can “see” myself there for a bit and reflect on the nice time it was. Examples are Doobie Bros “Listen To The Music” reminds me of working on Catalina Island and the nice summers there, Elton Johns “Crocodile Rock” reminds me of the Anza Boreggo Desert trip I was on with a YMCA group of kids that was lots of fun, and lastly (There are a great many) was Rebecca St. James “Lest I Forget” which reminds me of the sad last day at my job at Baxter in San Diego and leaving California for Kansas…
    Love, Daddy

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    Music is incredible in its ability to transport us to different places and times. There are very few songs I listen to, whether on a CD in my car, or on the radio, or my iPod, or sitting at home listening on my PC, very few that don’t elicit a specific memory of a person, place, or time in my life. Some of them make me smile and tap my foot, some of them bring a tear, but I always want to listen, always want to hear them. They’re all a part of me. Music is magic. Thank you for sharing these selections!
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    I love love love music. It calms me down. It fills my soul with a deeper hunger for God and makes me feel close to Him too. It’s an escape from the never ending To Do list in my head. It taps into my emotions. It’s just an amazing blessing when I hear music. And I love to sing too. When I was younger, I dreamed of growing up to be a famous singer. Even my dentist cheered on my dream – he told me I had a big mouth…perfect for singing. Lol! Unfortunately, I never learned how to read sheet music and I’m not really all that talented at singing. Although I’m sure I sound AWESOME in the shower. :)

    Hugs to you, friend!
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      lol I wanted to be a singer, or an actress. Alas none came to fruition.

      I have often wondered about singing in the shower. Never have tried it. 😉 I do just belt out some songs while walking around the house when I am alone with my little boys. Adam hasn’t heard me act like that yet. hehe 😉

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    Really nice set of songs, Sarah! Enjoyed listening to them! Mellifluous music calms you down indeed and I think a good medicine for all the hustle and bustle of the 21st century!

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