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4 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

In my quest to get this family on the right track to a healthy lifestyle, I realized it was a slow process. One that cannot be achieved overnight, unless of course you are made out of money. ūüėČ

For those of us on a budget, it takes time. When you realize that, it truly helps.

4 tips to a healthy lifestyle - Desiring a life that is seriously healthy? These tips might just help you!

At first I wanted to switch EVERYTHING in this house over to the healthy counterpart right away. ¬†I realized that I couldn’t afford to do that. And it totally frustrated me! ¬†Although,¬†I did dump things that I knew we could simply live without. These things were just too yuck to have around.

Seriously, once you learn a bit about GMOs, fats, and much more, you start to rethink your food habits.

Bare in mind, my friends, I grew up with a mother that was health conscious. We ate organic when we could, and did not frequent fast food restaurants much. Also, I’ve had vitamins most of my life. ¬†So it’s a bit easier for me to make the jump to health. ¬†Although, when I joined the Navy I went unhealthy. It was convenient. I suffered from it. Bring on the allergies, sickness often etc.

If you have thought about getting healthy, here are 4 tips to help you on the track to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Take it one day at a time.

Get over the fact you can’t get everything perfect right away. I know for me, reading ALL the health tips, products, recipes etc, caused me to want to jump in 100%. To just KNOW what to do. I found myself wanting to get stainless steel pots and pans asap, but realizing I couldn’t. ¬†Basically, just take it one day at a time. Do what you can in that day. Make good meals with the pans you have, and when you can switch an item to the healthy counterpart when you can afford it. Switch certain foods slowly to the healthier ones. It’s better to take it slowly, then to do nothing at all. ¬†One day, much like the exercise¬†motto: A year ago today, I started to get healthy, now I’m completely there! ¬†Start today!¬†

2. Prioritize.

What do you want to change now? What is most important to you health wise? For me changing our oils, sugars, and flour was pretty important. So I switched those right away.  Then I started to go through the cupboards and dump the things I KNEW I would NEVER use anymore in light of what I learned.  If it helps make a list of the most important to the least important. Start with what you want to change now and work your way down the list. Taking it one day at a time.

3. Commit.

Again, like exercise, you need to stick to it. The change won’t come overnight, so you need to keep that in mind, but realize it WILL come. ¬†You may not start to FEEL great for months, but you WILL someday. ¬†Stay committed and keep forging forward! It does get easier with time. ¬†I remember when I first started, I felt lost in the wave of health. ¬†Where do I start? What do I do!? What do I cook!? ¬†(Side note: this REALLY helped put me on track as far as what to cook) ¬†Staying committed truly keeps you going, even when it feels impossible.

4. Set boundaries and stick to them.

Purpose in your mind what you WILL NOT do, and what you WILL DO and DO them. For example: ¬†I decided we would not go out to eat much, if at all. Not only did this save money, it was a much healthier option for us all. ¬†I decided I would not buy the boys fries at a fast food restaurant anymore(we used to 2 to 3 times a week!). ¬†I resolved to make my own (there are organic frozen ones at the store you can buy for almost the same price as a large fry, so it’s TOTALLY worth it!). ¬†My oldest (Jeremiah) switched quickly, but my middle child (Noah) did not. ¬†I still kept that boundary. Noah eventually tried one, and realized how much he liked them! (HALLELUJAH!) ¬†It will get easier, and you will find that you naturally go for the healthier options in time.

Here are a few resources that might help in your quest (I’ll be adding more from time to time as I see them):


Azure Standard¬† –¬†I shop on Azure Standard, each month. GREAT prices and it’s delivered at a drop off here in town. They are ALL over the US, so check it out and see how much you can save by switching. ¬†I buy my wheat flour, oils, bulk items and the like there. I have bought 1 item before too. They have TONS of great brands and do their best to have GMO free companies. – I have found much of the products from here. It’s simple and great for the free shipping (after spending $25 of course)

My Picks – It’s my amazon affiliate store. If you go to the “Health Foods” section, you will see the items I like or have purchased before.


Meal Plan¬†–¬†I started this and it truly set me on the path to healthy food each week. I did her plan for a couple weeks exactly, and now I take a recipe or two and mold my own week out. I’ve found a way to make it easier on the budget.


Project Verified¬†–¬†Love this place! Love seeing the label on the products I purchase too. ¬†It’s a great resource for staying away from GMO foods.


Healy Real Food Vegetarian РShe has great tips and recipes.  I am not a vegetarian, but I find her info informative and helpful.

Homemade Mommy – Another great source for recipes and all around health info.

Health Extremist – She has great recipes for household products, food, and EVEN make-up!

Scratch Mommy РCheck out her skin care products. Also, she has interesting health info, as well as a recipe from time to time.

Healthy Home Economist РGreat information

If you have been desiring a healthier lifestyle, I hope you are encouraged by reading this! :)

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  1. says

    Great post! As always.

    When my boys were little, we stopped at McDonald’s and they asked for kids’ meals. We rarely ate McD’s, and they rarely finished their meals. Since we were on a road trip, I gave in thinking the toys would buy me a few minutes of quiet.

    Half an hour later, literally, my oldest was complaining of hunger. It turns out that they did not eat their fries. I yelled at them to finish their lunches and stop complaining…. and then it hit me: my kids don’t like McD’s fries! I may be the only mom on the planet who is so lucky.

    I apologized for yelling and pulled into the next small town to buy apples and grapes. :)

    They still don’t like McD’s fries!
    Karen Dawkins recently posted..#Recipe: Ham and Egg CupsMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      haha Totally! Why encourage them?! I laugh when I used to say, “Come on Jeremiah eat the cake” (he used to not want any, and as it stands he doesn’t want ice cream still) Then it was like, well gee, if he doesn’t WANT the sugar invested food, why push it? ūüėČ

    • Sarah says

      Thank you! :) I sure feel better then I did a few months ago. Makes this all totally worth it! AND The kids seem better too.

  2. says

    Wonderful tips … very practical! I would also add to have an open mind … sometimes the things we need come to us in unexpected ways. We made the decision to get healthier, Eco-friendly pots and pans but, like you, it just wasn’t possible to run out and replace everything we have. So we decided to replace as we could. Then, a neighbor who was looking for a home for her practically-new stainless steel pots and pans asked us if we knew of anyone. Oh yes … us! So sometimes, if we’re patient and open, items come to us when we need them.
    Small Footprints recently posted..Eco-Friendly Tips For AutumnMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      Totally true. And I must say, what a wonderful opportunity that came your way! I would LOVE to give a new home to some used stainless steel! ūüėÄ


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