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40 weeks … Times ticking..

I hit my 40 weeks on the 15th of this month.

40 weeks
Finally I’m in the home stretch!!
Sadly my track record isn’t so hot when it comes to having the little ones..

I tend to go at the soonest 41 1/2 weeks. Yet on the 15th I had regular contractions every 10 to 15 min apart for 5 hours straight, then they continued through the night. I was SO jazzed! I thought “I’m going to FINALLY get this over with sooner then later!”

Strangely, they were painless. Then again, with Noah I did walk into the Hospital at 9cm, laughing and having a great time. ย So pain doesn’t seem to be an issue. ย Because of that, I am trying to be a little more on top of what my body is doing.

Since this is going to be a home birth, I’d hate to all of the sudden plop this baby out and have no midwife! She does have a 45 min drive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here I sit, no baby YET. Waiting. The waiting game I think is the hardest.

It’s times like these natural interventions come to mind…

  • Coffee Potty (heard of that one? haha I just read about it. )
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea (tried this with all births, never worked.. but I keep trying)
  • Massage – Pressure points in the foot. (I tried this last night, found an interesting video. Might try it some more)
  • Walking (I’ve done that a lot the past couple days)

And so on..

I’m at the point were things are pretty much “set” for little Abigail.

Just have to keep waiting. And waiting..

Anyone want to take a bet when this little one will be born? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m guessing sometime in the middle of next week.


  1. Mom says

    Hopefully we don’t have to wait as long as the other 2. :O) We all can’t wait to meet Abby. :O) Keep trying all that stuff. At least you feel like you are doing something, not just waiting around. ;O)

    • says

      hehe I can’t wait to announce her birth!! It sure seems like I am getting close to the 30th! haha Although, truly I think it will happen next week on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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