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Happy 4th of July and other updates..

4th of july updates

Isn’t it amazing it is ALREADY the 4th of July!?

Where did the time go?  For me it seems like it’s passing at the speed of light, and yet it goes slow at times.. Does that even make sense?

The boys are growing up. I am amazed and at the same time sad. It’s like, TIME just stop!

Happy 4th of July and other updates..

Jeremiah –

is turning into the sweetest little boy, and I love having him around. In fact, more often than not if i have to run some errand I want to take just Jeremiah when I can.  He’s such a cute helper that has tons of questions and feedback I love to hear.

Granted he does have his moments, but recently we are learning something about him. When there is a new situation that he is excited about, be it scared excited or happy he tends to be a hard to deal with. He goes into this fight or flight mode.

Anyways, I’ll not bore you with the details, but it’s caused us to understand him a bit more, which is always good.

Happy 4th of July and other updates..

Noah –

is blossoming into a fun toddler.  Is 2 still a toddler?? Hmm, you know I just don’t know when toddlerhood ends, do you?

N e who, I could watch Noah all day. He’s starting to sing any of the songs he’s learned, and play with an imagination. I remember when Jeremiah started doing that, I enjoyed watching him then too. It’s cute to watch someone still rather innocent (not completely though, I mean he IS 2. 😉 ) be at this stage of growing up, and yet not so grown up.

Happy 4th of July and other updates..

Abigail –

is seriously the happiest baby on the planet. At least in my experience.  Sure, we had a VERY rocky start, but since discovering what affected her, she’s just a bubble of happiness.  She will be just sitting in her little bouncer and all of the sudden squeal in delight over something, it’s pretty cute.  She loves her brothers too, and they love her. Completely adorable to watch how Noah and Jeremiah treat her with such sweet gentleness. They even share their trucks with her.

On a more personal note: I’ll be turning 32 soon.. 32!  *sigh* I remember dreading turning 30.. Now I’m already 2 years in. I suppose I should just be used to it, but getting older is just not fun.. I stopped at 18.  Did you have a year you just stopped aging?

Time will move on, and even though I’m getting older, I sure enjoy where I am at now.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!


  1. Mom says

    Happy 4th to you!! Love the pictures of the kids! Time does go by fast. YOU are almost 32 and I can remember when you were Abby’s age. 😉 You and Adam are doing a great job with the kids. I know you will enjoy having them the rest of your lives. I will too. 😉

    • Sarah says

      Awe, thank you. It DOES seem like just yesterday! I can hardly believe she is getting to the point of rolling over and such.

      I feel for you. It’s like I feel young still, but my body isn’t so young anymore. Isn’t that a bummer!? 😉 I wish our bodies would be as young as we think we are, you know?

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