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5 Questions to ask yourself when you De-clutter

As I said before I am in a de-clutter mood. While I haven’t gone through the whole house yet. I have gone through a few areas and learned a few things I ask myself. Maybe these questions will help you when you decide to de-clutter a space.

Questions to ask yourself when you De-clutter

First remove ALL items from the area you are de-cluttering, then ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to keep?

I love this! I used to think, “Okay what should I get rid of”. It was harder for some reason. But recently I went through all the baby clothes and asked myself “What do I want to keep?” I ended up with WAY less then when I took the “What should I throw out?” approach. Try it, you might be surprised with the results.

What do I use?

This can go in-hand with “keeping”, yet different in that you can really look at the item and think:

  • Do you actually use it?
  • Will you use it?
  • How CAN you use it?

To expand on this, think about a kitchen item. For me, I have a juicer. I have not used this juicer yet. Although, I keep in mind I purchased it in the winter, not the high time for nice cool fruit drinks. I have thought to myself “Will I use this?” I realize, it will most likely be in the summer. If I do not use it all summer, I’ll sell it. If you have nice appliances that cannot easily be replaced due to budget, consider why you keep it, and what you would REALLY use it for. If you don’t use it all year, maybe consider removing the item from your life.

What should I donate?

Some things you might want to give away. Consider what you want to give away and place them in a bin and GIVE them away asap so they don’t take up precious space.

What should I sell?

For me this is something I have to consider. WILL I REALLY sell it? I give myself time limits on certain items. If it doesn’t sell on eBay or else wear, it’s time to just donate or dump. No point in holding on to an item for months that no one seems to want to purchase.

On the flip side, you could make a few bucks on some items you have, so it’s worth trying to sell. Sort through them and place in bins or boxes the items that you want to sell. Once you have done this, SELL them. If you don’t in a certain amount of time, maybe consider just dumping or donating.

What should I dump?

This is one I can go crazy with. Sometimes going through stuff is so daunting that I just want to throw it all out. While this can be great, I kick myself for doing this once. I threw away a great resource I could have used when we had pets. I’ve learned since then, it is good to think long and hard if you would use it before throwing it out.

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