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A Holiday with the Boys

We had a nice Easter at our house.

Had our wonderful traditional brunch:

I’ll be featuring the Egg Bake on Friday. Stay tuned for that! 😉

The boys were ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I’ve never had them in collared shirts, and I thought they were so fun to look at. So handsome!

Noah was enjoying a gift he had been given.

Jeremiah enjoyed his first ever “Hershey kiss” hunt.  We dropped the whole egg thing this year, no bunnies and no eggs. But we wanted to keep our normal “egg hunt” so we switched to Hershey kisses. 😉 He enjoyed it very much. In fact we hide 5 to 6 of them many MANY times for him to “find”.

He was as usual adorable to watch. Holidays are SO much more fun with little kids!

After the naps, and a short QUICK dinner, we headed on over to my parents house to just hang out outside. They had just finished putting up a swing set. We wanted Jeremiah and Noah to check it out. They loved it!

Noah liked the slide. haha But only to “climb” it.

We had a pleasant day with the boys. :)


  1. mom says

    That was a very nice day! And those boys were adorable and a lot of fun that day and it was a yummy meal too. :)

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