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A Little Update

A little update

Life is flying by!  Before I know it a week goes by and there is NO blog post!  I did not realize a week went by..

Remember when I mentioned we might be putting our house up for sale?

Well, we still are heading in that direction, just running into a few things we need to do first.

Filling the pool was the biggest.  Which to our surprise was filled a few weeks ago and at a great price we never expected!  Now for rain and some watering to just pack it down a bit and we are well on our way to getting the backyard looking more like a normal backyard, not a pit of muck like it used to look. 

Jeremiah TOTALLY loved having a dump truck and back hoe bring the dirt and move it around.  He was on cloud nine watching and at times he got to go outside with Daddy to watch.

We started to assess some more things that this house needed done, and realized the top floor half bath had some issues.  One being the toilet leaked (learned that from a high BPU Bill), and the floor was looking pretty sorry.  Upon further assessment we learned the floor was molded… yay!

Adam removed the floor and is now replacing it with new wood and tile etc.  I think he’s doing a great job so far!

On another note:

The food changes we implemented a while back have actually been going rather well. I am sure I’ll get a post up about it more, as I fine tuned a few things with the help from a book recommended to me.

And I am well into the mode of de-cluttering.   I went through our baby clothes and now have 5 bags full to garage sale! I still kept some for the “just in case” but it’s considerably less.

I have tons of post ideas but finding that life is speeding by and my brain is not keeping up, nor is the time to do them presenting itself.

I hope to get some posts up about de-cluttering, organizing, food, and moving. We shall see!


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