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Full time Mommy Day 1 – Update


After a week with little Abigail to myself, and my husband taking care of the boys it, it was full time back to work on Saturday the 30th. ¬†(My mom helped A LOT with keeping the house cleaned ūüėČ ) BUT Friday evening brought an instant sickness to our oldest, Jeremiah. While he had a […]

Home birth – My First time


Abigail Elizabeth was born on Thursday the 21st at 5:06 pm. I never dreamed I would actually have a home birth, but I did. It was amazing. Totally new to me, and yet completely comfortable. Here is how the day progressed. In the morning at 3:00 am I started to get VERY uncomfortable. ¬†I wouldn’t […]

40 weeks … Times ticking..

40 weeks

I hit my 40 weeks on the 15th of this month. Finally I’m in the home stretch!! Sadly my track record isn’t so hot when it comes to having the little ones.. I tend to go at the soonest 41 1/2 weeks. Yet on the 15th I had regular contractions every 10 to 15 min […]

Susie Miss Homemaker is on vacation and I miss her!

Susie Miss Homemaker

  That is how I have been feeling lately. I sure miss the Susie homemaker in me lately.. I’ve popped on Pinterest and browsed all the delicious¬†meals and thought how I’d love to cook them, then when I step foot in the kitchen I think, “Ahh lets just have¬†spaghetti¬†again”. ¬†Or thoughts about Chinese food, maybe […]

Quick Cheese Danish

Quick Cheese Danish - A simple, savory danish. Great for any morning!

I’ve had my eye on a couple cheese danish type recipes on pinterest. Vowing I would make them as soon as I purchased some crescent¬†rolls. ¬†You see, for some reason the basic ones you would find in your local store tend to give me a tummy ache! It’s a wonder why though, I still don’t […]

Have you had a home birth?

home birth

I am unsure if you know by now, but I plan to have Abigail at home. It was a choice made for a couple reasons. ¬†I’ve had a natural birth (no meds etc) with Noah and just about fully with Jeremiah as well (last few min spinal tap and forceps). It’s WAY cheaper! Noah cost […]

Baby Bump – 37 Weeks


I will try to remember to get my husband to take a picture. I tried it out in our little mirror, and I realized I am not great with “selfies” I am now at 37 weeks and considered full term. I feel as though she could come out any minute. Although the pain isn’t that […]