LOVE these classes!

Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies


I had a couple bananas left over the other day, and decided to find a recipe to use them in. I decided against breads, as I am kind of sick of banana bread¬†variations. ūüėČ ¬†I saw these¬†Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies ¬†on Pinterest (Originally¬†on How Sweet it is) and thought, YUMMY!! I LOVE peanut […]

Shopping online at Diapers, Soap, Casa, Vine and More


I love to go shopping or browsing online. ¬†While I enjoy getting out of the house, it’s harder these days with the kids, but online is easy. ūüėČ Have you ever shopped at one of these sites: They are all connected onto “one” site. ¬†It’s pretty […]

My special husband, the love of my life

The best

Valentines day is coming! My family had a nice little get together already with a very delicious homemade dessert. I was thinking about Valentines day, and how we actually have no plans.. It’s fun to do something special ON Valentines day, but when I actually think about my husband, it’s almost like every day is […]

I now have a 4 year old!

4 year old

Sometimes I just stand in complete awe. Today I have a 4 year old! I can’t get over the fact I even HAVE kids, let alone a 4 year old. ūüėČ I have to say though, he truly is a sweet heart. He has been looking forward to his birthday for a while now, so […]

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

As you all know, if you’ve read my earlier post, I planned on making the leap into cloth diapering before the baby is born. Our first day went pretty good. ¬†It was a “half” day for me, as I picked the day my oldest, Jeremiah, went off with his Nana, therefore he would be in¬†disposables […]