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Breastfeeding, Diarrhea and the Search


I must laugh honestly. It would seem that I have to go through a trial with each child of mine. Then again, when in life is there not trials? ūüėČ

With Jeremiah it was serious colic, constipation (could not go poop on his own period for 11 months), gas and sleepiness (due to the problems mentioned).

With Noah, I shot myself in the foot by letting him sleep in bed with my husband and me. Almost 2 years later, it ended up taking a month or more to break the habit. ¬†Not to mention, having not worked harder on getting him to take ¬†solids, I ended up breastfeeding him exclusively¬†for 18 months. That is NO¬†solids because he just wouldn’t eat anything else.. ¬†It was hard. Although if I HAD to pick, I would do Noah over again. Jeremiah was harder to deal with. ūüėČ

So now with child number 3, what next right?  Diarrhea. Never dealt with this one.  But with this one comes challenges and more dying to self and the things I want to do.

Mainly, cloth diapering and then yet another child I need to research a cause for.

I do not truly have enough cloth to full time diaper her, BUT I seriously don’t have enough for a baby that has watery poop in just about EVERY diaper! So in order to bring less stress, I moved to¬†disposable. ¬†It was annoying, had to give up something (for now) that I REALLY wanted to do, but had to let go.

With her pooping all the time, I had to figure out what was causing it.   With Noah, he would spit up all the time. I soon realized I needed to eliminate all corn and broccoli. He never spit up pretty much after that.   Abby is a bit harder.. I feel for the girl.

It started with a rash. Sure she pooped a lot, but I figured it was just the normal breastfed poop.  But the rash started to smell like fresh bread. Totally weirded me out.  To combat the rash I got a cream and used corn starch. Sadly over night the rash blossomed.  Little did I know, I fed a yeast infection, therefore making it worse.. Poor Abby.  A call to the doctor and some Jock Itch cream (haha), yeast infection fixed, but rash still coming because of the watery poop.

I now truly realize she has¬†diarrhea. ¬†It’s not sickness, but SOMETHING I am eating. ¬†I am not in the process of figuring out what I am eating that is¬†causing¬†this.

Anyone else had issues like this when breastfeeding?

What did you do to find out what the cause was?


  1. April says

    Sugar… it feeds yeast. :( –and it hides in too many things… too many places that it doesn’t belong and under too many fancy names! If it ends in “ose” watch out! I sure hope you figure out what’s causing the diarrhea… I feel bad for both of you :(

    • Sarah says

      I’m thinking it’s lactose (milk products). I eliminated a lot and have noticed a small change in the last few days with taking out milk, but she STILL has diarrhea in each diaper, although it’s improving. It’s truly annoying! Trying to figure a cause for something is so hard sometimes! But at least she is not very fussy, just a little bit. :)

    • Sarah says

      Thank you for those sweet words! ūüėÄ It’s sure trying to find a cause to this, but I think we are close. :)

    • Sarah says

      Aww thank you. :)
      I hope we do find it soon too. It “looks” like it MIGHT be dairy. But just not completely sure, will have to wait a few days to see the results more. I’ve pretty much taken dairy completely out.

    • Sarah says

      I eliminated dairy for now, so far in 48 hours it seems like we are seeing improvements. So I hope it continues. :) If not I’ll knock out gluten. I sure hope its not gluten, that is HARD to change from. :)

  2. says

    So frustrating…I am a Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor. I know the stomach flu is going around in many babies, and can last up to 7 days (Norovirus and Rotavirus). Both have a very distinct smell, too. I would recommend eliminating dairy in all forms for 3 days to see if that helps. It can be a temporary sensitivity to dairy. The other culprit could be chocolate, which affects many babies through diarrhea. Lastly, I would eliminate wheat. Hope that helps some :)

    • Sarah says

      I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, just in case. :) Hmm, wondering what the smell is? She doesn’t have intense poop smells, but they are different then what I remember my second’s smelling like.
      I’ve taken dairy out so far, and it’s been about 48 hours. A little improvement, but diarrhea still there, although just a bit less watery. Hoping it clears up soon.

      Thank you for the advise! Very much appreciate it. :)

  3. says

    Hey Sarah,

    It really could be anything. It could be the dairy. It could be gluten. It could be nuts. It could be…it could be…it could be.

    I have known women to do complete elimination diets – where they eliminate everything – get the baby better, then add back slowly and see.

    I don’t know. It is tough. It really is.

    You have to be really careful when doing eliminations. Just one small slip will throw you off.

    If the dairy doesn’t clear it up – the next thing I would try is – the dreaded Gluten.

    I really really am sorry. I know that this is a complete and utter nightmare.

    The baby is so darn cute though!
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    • Sarah says

      I know what you mean. With my first born trying to figure out WHY he was constipated really got annoying. By 11 months he was FINALLY going on his own sometimes. Truly was hard to go through, wanting to find the reason, and yet not REALLY finding one. I did find ways to make is easier on him, but never fixed it.

      Searching can drive me nuts sometimes. Although, I do believe we made a breakthrough. Dairy! She is not pooping in EVERY diaper, and it’s starting to get just a bit thicker (as thick as breastfed poop can get), and not like water anymore. Also her rash is gone!

      Another thing is she is sleeping even longer at night, which either she’s just getting older or having dairy out of the diet has helped in that area too. Who knows there, but I’m enjoying it. ūüėČ

      I agree that a complete elimination diet is a bit much. It had me in tears. So I moved to just eliminating one at a time. Picked Dairy per everyones thoughts here, and a Dr I went to. I am SO beyond happy it’s not gluten! ūüėÄ

  4. Sarah says

    Try removing dairy from your diet. It will take 2-3 weeks for it to completely clear out of your system. I had a problem with berries and tomatoes myself. I used as a starting point. She has a wholesome elimination diet so you can easily find your triggers. Good luck mama!

  5. April says

    Yay! I’m so glad that you figured out that the problem was dairy & it sounds like everything is clearing up for you both! …I’ve been wondering about that!


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