LOVE these classes!

My Spirit Burns Inside


One of my more serious poems. ūüėČ ¬†I wrote this a couple months ago. My spirit burns inside me the Truth is so thrust out In place is self gratification So much is filled with doubt Yet so many seem too drawn to it This life of endless delusion A life filled with self while […]

Over 30


It’s my birthday, and in honoring of turn 31, I wrote this poem. ūüėČ Over 30   Gone are the days of “I am in my 20’s” Here come the days, of the mid 30’s Once energy seemed to come so easily Now it’s as if I always run on empty My skin, I can’t […]

The Swing


  A crisp cool¬†breeze¬†flows through my hair Sitting in this peaceful place   I hear my¬†kids¬†laughter fill the air As my world slowly shoots up to space   My stomach has a strange feeling then it slowly fads away   Up to the sky, not the ceiling then back down I sway   Blissful is […]

The Nightmare


I wrote this while in the military. In fact I wrote A LOT of poems. They were interesting. haha I found this one today. Thought it would be nice to post. It was written on April 17th 2002. The Nightmare It was a dark black night My eyes strained to see Was there something out […]