LOVE these classes!

Squadron Mess Deck work OH BOY!

Officers Mess Deck

To keep up with my Navy stories, click here. After indoctrination was complete. It was time to find out where we would be working. I remember thinking to myself how much I did not want to work with food!  Knowing full well that I could be working on the food side of serving officers. I was a prep cook […]

I got what job??


To keep up with my Navy stories, click here. After the 4 wonderful days off, it was time for the ship to get underway. Which meant, time for indoctrination. A 10 day “class” where we learned about the ship, the people in charge, and find out what jobs we would be assigned. I learned later […]

What have I gotten myself into?


If you want to keep up with this story of my life in the military, you may want to check out these two posts: 1st – To the ship with an Angel 2nd – Here I come! What have I gotten myself into, was something I thought about constantly when I woke up from my […]

Here I come!

Tiger Cruise

As a continuation from last week (you can read about it here), I figured I would write about my trip to the boat from the hotel. I was dropped off at the hotel, and given basically 4 hours to sleep. It was probably midnight anyways, I was tired, but excited and well I just didn’t know what […]

To the Ship, with an Angel?


I wrote a post a while back, about how I got to boot camp, for the US Navy. While boot camp in and of itself was interesting, I have decided to write about how I got to my first command. The USS John C. Stennis. After having spent a few weeks leave (vacation) at home […]

Let the games begin!


I was 18. I had these great ideas of becoming a kindergarten teacher. I’d been working with MOPS and another group, been enjoying the kids. Thinking, yes yes, this is it, that’s what I’ll do. I was going to get a job as an assistant to a teacher but they never would call me back, […]

An Experience in Singapore


This was something that my husband and I wrote for a school project he had in one collage class.  It is actually of a true event. We did eat at this shack while in the military, it was a very odd and yet funny time. The humid and mucky air on the airfield of Singapore, […]