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“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore.

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Simple Christmas Cards - These are so easy to make! There are MANY options and they even will print, stamp and send the cards for you!

Can you believe it!? Christmas is only in ONE month??

It’s fast approaching and I haven’t done much to prepare.  In my brain I’ve got all these things I want to do, and yet nothing has gotten done.  This year, there REALLY isn’t TOO much to prepare for.  I don’t have a ton of guests coming, nor big events throughout December. It IS rather easy.


It’s good to be prepared, even if the events are small.  Then you can simply relax ON the holiday.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  Crossed anything off your list yet?  Are you excited about Christmas this year?

I am excited! As the kids get older it gets more fun.  Last year my favorite part was early in the morning(I know insane right?), because it was just our little family. We all sat in the living room, all in our pjs while the boys opened their stockings. I loved having the lights low and the Christmas tree lights shining. Yes, it was THAT early. The sun had not come up yet. ;)

One thing my family has not done in a few years is send out Christmas cards!  In the age of digital, cards seem to be going out.

I find that sad!

I loved getting Christmas cards in the mail growing up. I enjoyed seeing all the lovely up to date pictures of friends and family.

I was excited to run into  One of the biggest hassles with Christmas cards is addressing ALL the cards. A tedious venture. Not to mention remembering to stamp and mail them all.


Cardstore is an innovative online resource that removes the hassle from mailing out holiday cards. Once you create your custom cards with personalized pictures, messages, and signature, Cardstore will print, stamp and send the cards for you!!  Talk about easy!

I cannot wait to get mine all set up.  Just have to get a nice family picture (on my to-do list. *wink*) and we are good to go.

I loved all the options for cards. It was SO easy! I just signed up, picked a card and placed some photos in the slots. You can size up or down even. Do a little editing on the site. It’s truly simple. And I LOVE simple!

You are also not limited to JUST Christmas. They have a card for ANY occasion.

Are you dreading doing Christmas cards this year? Ever wanted to send them out, but just never got around to it?

You simply MUST try this place out!  Now is the PERFECT time to try it, because until 11/26 Cardstore is offering 30% off holiday cards! (They started this offer sooner, if you follow on twitter or facebook I tweeted and umm facebooked the info. ;) )

I was able to test it out and get one card, I opted to have it mailed to me to address. That’s the one you see in the picture above. Here is a another snapshot of it.

I choose to make the pictures black and white. It just went with the style in my opinion. The quality is good, and I think I’ll just be keeping THIS card for our refer. ;) It’s so cute!

Simple Christmas Cards - These are so easy to make! There are MANY options and they even will print, stamp and send the cards for you!


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