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Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

As you all know, if you’ve read my earlier post, I planned on making the leap into cloth diapering before the baby is born.

Our first day went pretty good.  It was a “half” day for me, as I picked the day my oldest, Jeremiah, went off with his Nana, therefore he would be in disposables the rest of the day. My youngest, Noah, would spend a few hours with my grandmother (another disposable).

I picked a day only to get my “feet wet” as they say.  And besides I have tons of disposables to use up, so why not? 😉

Here’s a blow by blow of my first morning with cloth diapering:

  • I convince my oldest to get into a cloth diaper. He was reluctant, as he thought it was underwear. Once I said he could poop and pee in these, he was sold. I’m hoping the feel of the pee will teach him about peeing. He knows all about when he is going poop. It’s the peeing that’s the problem. 
  • Soon my youngest was in his cloth diaper. Both were a success.

I found myself watching them more then normal, just wondering how these diapers would hold up. For the record I am using Charlie Banana one size diapers on them.  My oldest barely fits them (he will be 4 on the 11th). My youngest(2) is fine in them.

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

  • My youngest soon poops. I was actually glad, as odd as that sounds. I wanted to change and wash a soiled diaper to get a good idea how they would do in the washer and such. 

I purchased a few things to make this venture a bit easier for me they include:

  • This neat bucket for cloth diapering (Bambino mio is the brand), and bought a couple cheap mesh bags for it at Walmart (the ones that you can buy that are made for it, are WAY more expensive! $15 for 2!!!). The cheap ones from Walmart, how ever large, work fine.
  • Prince Lion Heart wipes warmer for cloth.  It’s rather simple and keeps the wipes moist and warm.

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

I  proceeded to clean little Noah up. I used only two of the wipes (the warmer holds 16) and used the bucket to store the dirty diaper, wipes, and insert.  I did walk to the toilet to dump the major part. This is where I think a sprayer would be nice. I do not own one yet.

Seemed to go smooth honestly. I just need to move my diaper station closer to the bathroom. It’s currently in the living room. I just store the stuff on a shelf.  Either that, or  I’ll want another bucket just next to the toilet and with 3 kids, I may just do that.

The rest of the diapers for the morning were just wet ones. We went through 4 total from 7 to 1030.  So not too bad. A different insert might allow just a tad longer. Although changing them went smoother then expected.

  • On to the washing. It was SO easy with the bucket. I just pulled out the mesh bag and threw it all in the washer and started the wash.

Cloth Diapering: Let the adventure begin!

I was rather amazed when I pulled the washed diapers out to hang dry. They didn’t smell! Also no stains!  BUT I have to say, the wipes (cloth) stunk!  I will just be drying those in the dryer with my wonderful new dryer balls from Maple Hills Dryer Balls  I just got the other day. Have you ever used dryer balls? They are NICE and last forever!

Anyways, that was my first attempt at cloth diapering. I think I can do this.

Have you cloth diapered? Are you thinking about it?

If you are thinking about it, maybe this post will encourage you to just do it. It’s worth a try, and honestly if you don’t like it, the resale value of cloth diapers is great.


  1. Mom says

    It looks like you got organized really well so you should have a better experience. So different then when we used cloth diapers. You just have too many choices. I would never know which ones to use. :O)

  2. says

    I cloth diaper and have for a few kids. It’s wonderful and a lot of work at the same time. Plus, the baby’s have such a cute fluffy butt!

    Actually, I really enjoyed it this time around – mainly because I made my own diapers and was able to adjust the fabric and fit to make them better (no, I’m not selling you anything, and I’m not in the cloth diapering business – just my opinion). It is a grand adventure, and as you will see, will become very addictive, but it is fun!
    Lisa Nelson (@Squishablebaby) recently posted..Blog Shoutout Week of February 18th – Family Friendly Recipes, Crafts and ArticlesMy Profile

    • says

      I think I’ll enjoy it once I tweak a couple things. My youngest had a major poop blow out yesterday, and I think it was because it was soft poop, and the liner didn’t let it absorb even a little. Also the diaper might have needed a double gusset. Not sure, but it was a mess!! And I don’t have a sprayer or anything yet. It doesn’t deter me though. They are cute, and really cheaper in the long run. :) That is really neat you make your own! I’ve noticed that from time to time, then I wish I knew how to sew.. I don’t even own a sewing machine! Someday. :)

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