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Dead Sea Salt Bath, Ahh yes!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


I was given the opportunity to review a product from Cleopatra’s Choice, and I chose the Dead Sea Salts.


I know that the Dead Sea salt is supposed to be really good for the skin somehow, and jumped on the fact I could try this out.

When I received it I was eager to take a bath!

When I opened the product, WOW it smelled like salt. Seriously potent smell! *pinches nose* I saw that this product contained  the highest concentration of minerals possible and is 100% pure, organic and unprocessed. Straight from the Dead Sea! Might be why the smell was so intense. 😉


I poured the amount suggested. I didn’t use my hands, but I figured a handful out just by pouring it.

The bath was relaxing, then again, what bath isn’t?

I felt soft all over and refreshed. Honestly, I can’t say there was some miracle to this for me, but I do know it’s VERY good for your skin. I am sure the more baths with it the better.

I thought it was very neat to get a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, that you are supposed to get with every order from Adovia, when getting the Dead Sea bath salts.

Because of this product, I decided to look more into Dead Sea Salts.  The first night I took a bath I was completely itching all over my legs.  When I looked up salt baths I realized they are supposed to help with the itching. I decided to take another bath the next night, oh the agony right?  The second bath was pleasant and I never itched.   I blame the itch on pregnancy now.

I found this site gave a lot of info on Dead Sea Salts.

I also noticed some other interesting products when looking at the salt I received.

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap – Sounded pretty neat.
  • Dead Sea Mud Shampoo – Doesn’t sound like it WOULD clean, but I’ll bet it’s wonderful.

I can say I enjoyed my bath. If you want to get some Dead Sea Salts or any other product from the Dead Sea, go to Cleopatra’s Choice – Mineral Skin Care.



  1. Mom says

    Sounds like a nice thing to use in the bath. I always have loved the Dead Sea salts stuff. :O) Did you give me some to try? I hope so! :O)

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