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The Elusive Diaper Sprayer Found on Zulily

cloth diaper sprayer

If you frequent Zulily and you cloth diaper, you might have noticed the diaper sprayer that shows up for sale from time to time.  It is a completely unknown one, apparently, as I never seem to find reviews on it.  This can be a scary thing when you purchase something.

Who knows WHAT you will end up with. I found many people asking about it on BabyCenter and thought well.. Maybe I should just get one?

Having had a little credit on Zulily, I decided to buy one. In that decision, I also decided to write a short review for anyone curious about this diaper sprayer.

It really is a simple sprayer. My husband set it up in, oh, about 10 minutes.  It also packs an a nice spray!

I did a short video on it so you could see the sprayer in action.  Although, I did not have a poopy diaper to use as a model.  I am sure you are all so bummed about that! 😉

This is my first ever video.. So bear with me! 😉


  • GREAT pressure!
  • Metal hose
  • Metal valve
  • Quick Simple setup


  • Plastic sprayer
  • Can be such an intense pressure you will have to find a way not to spray all over the bathroom. 😉

I hope this gives you an idea on how this diaper sprayer works and helps you decided if you want to purchase one or not.


    • Sarah says

      It would work as a tool to spray inside the toilet I am sure. I haven’t tried it that way, but I image it would work. It attaches to the hose thingie (I know not the best explanation. haha 😉 ) that is under the toilet. Comes with a nifty piece that makes it so you can have two hoses, one to the toilet and one to the sprayer. You do this little switch and it moves the water to the sprayer. So when you want to use the toilet, as a toilet you need to make sure the switch is not set to the sprayer. :)

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