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Dining Room Blue, to Dining Room New


That’s our dining room. Before we moved in, before the carpet was taken out. Even before we painted ANYTHING. As you can see the walls are dark blue, and the other walls are that darker beige color.  I wanted to give you all a good idea what is was, to what it has become.

Last Saturday, I woke up with a major desire to just finish the dining room. We had started to paint it somewhat, but needed to get rid of the wall paper. Big task there.. And we were just putting it off, and putting it off. With not knowing what we had to really do to get it off the walls, we just didn’t feel up to the task. I wanted a nice dining room for Easter morning brunch and thought, let’s just DO IT!

So we did. 😉

Here’s a look at the wallpaper. It’s really a pretty kind honestly, but with our somewhat modern look to the house, it just didn’t fit. Not to mention it was pealing in certain areas. So off it had to go.

We used this. I think it worked pretty good. We sprayed the wallpaper and let it sit for a few min, but I soon learned that wasn’t needed. You just rip the wallpaper off first like so:

Notice my lovely butter knife? haha Ya, I started doing it without my husband the day before I wanted to get the job done. He clued me into a MUCH better tool.

It’s bigger and a bit sharper too.

Many spots just ripped off a lot. So it didn’t take long to get the colorful part off. Now the yuky part!

It made a mess trying to get the glued part off.

We did learn this, spray that part (the glue part) wait a few minutes, then remove it with the scraper tool that you used to get the wallpaper off.

What made it A LITTLE BIT cleaner was my nice set up here:

Nifty trash can! haha The BIG strips of wallpaper were put in there.

Once the wallpaper was off, we moved to painting. Although we did not get ALL the glue off.

It was turning into a time consuming pain. The kids were going to be put to bed soon, and we wanted to have our fun time. So on to LOTS of primer!

I tested the theory first. A thick coat of primer, then paint. Just to see if we would actually see the glue through the paint. We didn’t! YAY!

Oh I should mention, we did this all with the kids up. Here was our “baby gate”

I think it worked well. 😉

I took the pictures at night, but here is the finished product minus one more coat of paint.

So you don’t have to scroll up, here is the before:

Now the after:

*sigh* MUCH better colors! 😀  Can’t wait to change the furniture! But that will be a while. We are going to refinish the floor at some point too.

Any fun house projects happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. says

    Sara I love seeing before and after shots! Wow, the new color and the bare floors just opens the room up so nicely!! It looks great. Congratulations, you must feel great! Thanks for such a fun post!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..Spring RewindMy Profile

    • says

      It does feel open. I love it! It’s WAY brighter, so much so it might need some decor to tone it down. haha But I love the brightness over the darkness. :) Can’t wait to do the floors, but my husband and I are at odds on this, as I want them dark and he wants them light. SO we will see what happens there. 😉
      Always a pleasure having you stop by, glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. Mom says

    It even looks better in person! I don’t mind hanging out in that room now. Love the color, :O) Now it is our turn to get rid of our wallpaper. You want to come over and do it. ;O)

    • says

      Oh, I would love to see your house before and after. I always love those type pictures. That sounds heavenly, to feel as though you are at the beach. Peaceful! :)

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