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Easy Crock Pot Lasagna

I went on a search for some more meals this last week. Found a couple, and this was one of them. Crock Pot Lasagna sounded to easy not to try, and well, I love lasagna!

I found it on none other then Pinterest. 😉   The site it came from was Stephanie Dea.

If you want a whole bunch of other crock pot ideas, check out the link. She has TONS more.

I settled on the Lasagna.  I did it a little different, and will also do it differently the next time I make it. You’ll see what I mean.

Crock Pot Lasagna



  • 1 jar Prego Spaghetti Sauce (really you can use whatever flavor you want)
  • 1 8oz Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 8oz Italian Cheese mix
  • 1 package Lasagna noodles


Put a small layer of sauce at the bottom of the crock pot

layer with none cooked noodles (you will probably have to break them to make them fit)

Add Ricotta cheese, then add handful of Italian cheese.

Layer with more sauce, noodles, ricotta cheese, then handful Italian cheese.

Repeat until you desire to stop.

End with 1/4 cup water poured on top.

Cook on low for 8 hours or on High for 4 hours.

You can add veggies, or meat to this if you desire.  Cook up the meat, then add all the sause to it, layer accordingly with the cheeses and noodles. If you want veggies, simply add a vegetable layer.

The changes I would make: I have a smaller crock pot (4 quart), so 8 hours on low was actually starting to burn it, so I would do it for probably 3 to 4 hours on low.  As I noticed it was done at that time.  I would also add a little more water, maybe 1/2 cup.

Other then that, it was delicious, and I will be making this again. :)


  1. says

    Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience with this recipe. I’ve also seen it and pinned it on Pinterest but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I don’t know, cooking anything other than a pot roast, chicken, or a turkey in the crockpot always causes me to pause with hesitation. I’m not sure why. I guess I struggle to believe it can cook a whole bunch of other yummy meals too. Silly of me to doubt. I’ll be giving this a try. :)
    Rosann recently posted..A Challenge to Be Still… {Video Review & Giveaway}My Profile

    • says

      I haven’t tried to cook a turkey, pot roast or chicken in the crock pot yet. 😉

      I think I found it a challenge and thought, not cooking the noodles? I’ve all over it. haha 😉

      I am with you on part of that though, there are some things that I just can’t imagine cooking with the crock pot. Just seems foreign to me.

      If you do cook this, let me know how it turns out! :)

  2. Mom says

    Sounds yummy! Too bad I wasn’t over there that night to sample it. I will take your word on it since you have never given me a bad tasting recipe. :O) I will have to try it too.

    • says

      Curious about your recipe for the lasagna. :) I am going to try another one in a few days that uses the oven, and still no need to cook the noodles. I’m going to see which is more worth it to me.

      Your ribs look heavenly! I can almost taste them now.. I am so hungry! Waiting for my husband to bring home food. 😉

  3. says

    Wow Sarah that sounds super easy and my husband loves lasagna. And the funny thing is we were just talking about getting a crock pot to make cooking dinner easier for us both. Thank you for sharing and adding your input as to how it turned out for you and the things you could or would do different. That is awesome.
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    • says

      Crock pots are truly wonderful to have. I love being able to prepare dinner during the boys naps, and have it ready to serve when dinner time comes. I have a few more recipes I have done that are located in the dinner section of my site. My favorite is the Chicken Sausage with Peppers & Basil. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I love trying new recipes, and this one especially caught my eye with the no need to cook the noodles. 😉
      Pleasure having you stop by! :)

      • says

        Thank you Sarah. I like easy and not having to worry about something and having to hassle with trying to manage kids and make dinner. Thank you for the other recipe that one looks really nice too. I guess I will have to get a crock pot soon. 😀
        Gen recently posted..Time To Bring It All TogetherMy Profile

  4. says

    Gonna have to try this recipe!! Looks delish!
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      :) Let me know how it turns out! :) BTW, if you don’t like Ricotta cheese, using cottage cheese is a great sub. I learned that when I made another Lasagna recipe a few nights ago. :)

    • says

      haha Ya, its easy! :) BTW if you don’t like Ricotta use cottage cheese (tastes better to me), and instead of Italian cheese, use mozzarella. The taste was better to me when I did that the next time I made this (I did it in the oven, and I will post that recipe to compare them) :)

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