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How to make Foam Soap

Homemade Foam Soap - EASY!

I have this soap in my bathroom.

I like using the containers from bath and body. They have great seasonal ones that look perfect in our bathroom.  I keep the bottle so I can refill it with a MUCH better soap.

Ever want to refill your foam soap but are unsure how? WELL, here’s how.  It’s SO easy!

I thank my mother for this wisdom. I wanted to get more soap for our bathroom and was bummed I had to drive all the way to bath and body.  It’s a 30 min. drive. Not one I make much. She advised I simply refill it.  SO much easier!

You will need a liquid soap, not a very thick kind. Example: Dr. Bronners.  There are plenty of choices in the Dr. Bronners line, you can pick the smell you want. OR you can buy the unscented one and put in your own essential oil smell you desire. Then you refill the foam soap container of your choice with 1 part Dr. Bronners (or whatever liquid soap you have) to 4 parts water.  So a 1 to 4 ratio. That’s it!

So once again that’s:

  • Liquid Soap
  • 1 to 4 ratio (1 soap to 4 water)
  • Foam Soap Container

Then voila, enjoy your refilled soap! You will also have plenty of soap for a refill later.


  1. Mom says

    BTW you can fill it with less soap or more soap depending on how soapy you like your soap. :O) The soap just has to be very runny, like water. Make sure it is a foaming soap container you are filling. ;O)

    • says

      Me too! :) And this winter cranberry is such a great smell! I’ll have to settle for something else, as I still like the container. :) maybe next year I’ll get another couple soaps. :)


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