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Fried Tacos

This week I made a family traditional meal. I haven’t made them in a VERY long time. Just something with frying EACH taco, but they really are easy after having cooked all the other meals I have cooked in the last month. 😉

These are SO delicious that I think I will bring them back into our lives a bit more then I used to. It was a nice treat!

Here is what you will need:

  • Oil (I used Olive Oil, but Safflower is a really good oil)
  • Corn or Flour Tortillas (Using thinner corn tortillas is always a good option)
  • Meat or Re-fried Beans or both
  • Lettuce or Cabbage
  • A plate
  • Paper Towels
And these ingredients are really based on choice, if you like it on your taco or not. These are what we normally choose. Although I did not have sour cream this time.
  • Tomatoes
  • Sour Cream
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
  • Favorite salsa

You fill a pan up with oil, and heat the oil. I’d say on medium heat to medium high. Get a plate ready, by placing two sheets of paper towels on it. (This will be the place to put the tacos once they are done)

When the oil is hot, you place one corn/or flour taco into the pan

Use thongs to shape the taco. Making sure to crisp up both sides of the shell. You can also make tostadas by simply leaving them flat(and turning it over to crisp up each side) (I do hope this part is making sense. 😉 )

Repeat until you get to the desired amount of tacos you want.

Then make the tacos up the way you like to with the other ingredients and enjoy!

This is a meal,that once we make it, we tend to KEEP making it days later. 😉

It’s actually a good idea to make up twice as many tacos and store the other half for another taco meal. It becomes EASY to clean up when you have the meal again this way.




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      Watch out! They are addicting this way! 😉 We used to just buy the taco shells from the store for a while, then my dad started to make them this way. And it became the way we always made tacos, because it’s just SOOOOOOOOOO good. :)

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      They are. They make tacos extremely addicting! Sometimes we will make the whole package of tortillas, and have tacos for 3 days in a row. :) Thanks for stopping by :)

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