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Gate Escape

I was walking down memory lane looking at old videos of my oldest, who is 3.  When I saw this I just laughed. He was so interesting. I didn’t have any idea he could do what he tried to do at the end. haha

Enjoy :)

If the video isn’t working go here: Gate Fun


    • says

      Oh my, yes my heart would stop too. I learned quickly gates didn’t really work for my boy. hehe They are smart, aren’t they!? :) Thanks for stopping by!

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      hehe I thought it was cute how he figured it out. He did lots of things like that when he was younger. Fun to watch for sure! Ya, those toes! He’s got monkey toes. Still does. My little climber. 😉 The best toys! Pots and pans. Kids don’t need to much, ya know? :) Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Mom says

    oh Jeremiah! I remember when we discovered his monkey toes. Nothing was impossible after that. ;O) He is a very interesting kid as Granddad puts it. :O) OH, but what fun!! I would love to get in that mind and see how it works.

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