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Growing up and the Big Boy Bed

My little Noah is growing up! It’s cute to watch, sad to realize.  Enjoying all the moments while I can.

My husband and I have talked about it many times, and decided before the baby was born we would move Noah to a “big boy bed”, then eventually in Jeremiah’s room. I know, he’s STILL in our room, but AT least he has been in his OWN toddler bed since dropping breastfeeding! 😉

Jeremiah is totally excited about having his little brother move in with him. He even told me where we would put the bed. He is like that. He’s got the plan for what he wants, and HOW to do it. Thankfully it was exactly where I wanted the bed, so we could both agree on it’s placement in the future. Such an amazing little 3 year old honestly.  Wonderful helper!

With only about 4 to 5 months to get Noah moved over and used to it, we decided to go ahead and purchase the big boy bed a few days ago. First just a mattress then the bunk bed, that turns into two beds.

Jeremiah was thrilled! He was such a helper in “making” the bed.

Growing Up


Growing Up


Growing Up


He felt SO grown up helping his daddy, it was so adorable. I loved listening to him “I am working, Mommy. We working hard!”

It went well with Jeremiah’s part of the bed.  And he loved it.. well until he saw Noah’s bed. But we will get to that. 😉

Growing Up

Noah’s bed was the top bunk. I loved this idea, because Noah needs railing. He tends to hug the sides of his toddler bed and I know he would be on the ground many times at night if no railing was present. We even got a special railing for his toddler bed as you can see here:

Growing Up

Getting this bunk was the perfect solution to me! A big boy bed, AND two beds at that!

This project was started rather late. Around 5:30 pm.

Once Jeremiah’s bed was made, I got into putting him to bed mode.  Noah was on the couch watching Kipper, being very obedient and literally just staying on the couch!

With Jeremiah drifting off to sleep. I went to help my husband. He was doing wonderful, things were looking GREAT!


The mattress, while wonderful, fluffy and soft, was too thick. The railing was only inches above. Wouldn’t work well to keep Noah from falling out.

Talk about a let down!  The whole point of the bed was to get that wonderful railing!

It was 10:00 pm at this point. We were both tired, Noah was tired. Jeremiah was asleep. The toddler bed was disassembled and in our basement.

“We could just let him sleep with us” my husband added, with a big sigh.

I thought, no way, there has GOT to be something we can do!

Then it hit my husband! The box spring that we got with Jeremiah’s mattress a while back!!  When my husband removed the wooden slats that held the mattress on the big boy bed, the box spring fit great. With the mattress on top of the box spring  the railing was a perfect fit.

Hallelujah!  We both thought. We can now go to bed! haha

Growing Up


Growing Up

I think he likes it. ;)

I think his bed looks very comfortable and cozy.  Sadly, it’s SO cool looking too, Jeremiah isn’t to fond of his bed anymore. Oh well. He will probably get the top bunk when the time comes, and he will enjoy all that fun railing. 😉




  1. says

    aawww .. this is a nice post! You do have an amazing 3 year-old! It’s crazy how these projects take up so much time! That was a nice save at the end though – glad it all worked out. Let me know how it works out with them sharing a room! My two share a room as well and it took some getting used to but they love it!
    Andrea recently posted..5 Science Project Ideas for My KindergartnerMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you! :) It is amazing how much time it took. And then to run into a snag! 😉

      I will keep you posted on the turn out of the boys moving in together. I hope it works out smooth. :) So glad to hear your boys love it!!! That is encouraging. :)

  2. Mom says

    Nice that Adam thought of that. He is getting so creative. :O) We will have to think of what we can do to Jeremiah’s bed to make it a bit more exciting. ;O) Noah looks so small in that big bed. :O) You might put Noah in a one piece pajamas to help with keeping him warm. Love all the pictures of the boys!!

    • says

      True with Jeremiah. I do think if we just make it a great bed, he will love it. You know like you did today, “You have such a neat BIG boy bed” or whatever you said today. His love for his own bed grew a bit. 😉

      Got to find the one piece pjs. Not sure where they are. I’ve lost track of the older boy clothes for some reason.

    • says

      :) It is amazing! I can’t believe Noah is already almost 2!!! AND I am pregnant again. It will go even faster with the 3rd. Seems time speeds up with each child..


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