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My issues with hair, or is it bugs?

The busyness of life has gotten away with me lately.

I have been completely MIA!

From stomach flu to just simply living, time got away from me! I realized I had not checked or been on the blog for over a week! yikes!

If you follow on my facebook, I do give little updates from time to time of the things going on.

The most recent update is Noah’s haircut.

My baby boy. My precious, sweet Noah is growing up, and with that comes a hair cut.  I was in no hurry to cut it mind you. Hence the reason he’s lasted till almost 3 with his beautiful blonde locks.

BUT.. Lately I am going insane. Yes, over hair. Sounds silly?  Let me explain.

Some time ago, could be days could be a week. I don’t recall. All I know is Noah developed a MAJOR fear of bugs.  What does THAT have to do with hair you ask? Stay with me, it gets better.

So with this lovely fear of bugs, comes a constant “Mommy! MOMMY! LOOOOOKK a buuug!!” To every fuzz, dot, crumb, you name it, it’s a bug.  Sure, hearing his sweet little voice is adorable, but after about the 10th “MOMMY! It’s a bug!”

I’m done.

As time went on I just got used to everything being a bug. My responses became “What Noah? Oh nope, not a bug.” “That? Oh no, nope not a bug” as I walk into another room. Very direct and calm. I don’t want to stick around or he will talk about whatever it is for eternity. Distraction seemed to work ok.

Then the hair issue came.

On a side note: When I wash MY hair, a lot comes out. Could be simply because I don’t brush it much. I really don’t “need” to. I wake up with no tangles and can put my fingers through it. Or just put it in pony tail. Simple. BUT I think because I don’t brush it, the moment I wash it, all the hair that WOULD have come off on a brush daily come out in the shower.

I clean up after myself, but there are a few little strands here and there.

Noah noticed while taking a bath.

I was sitting in my room with Abigail when I heard the most blood curdling scream.


I place Abby in her crib and rush to the ad of Noah, thinking the worst had happened while he was in the tub.

Alas, he looks fine.. Toys fine. Water still in tub. Tears on his face, and fear in his eyes, I am dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong Noah??” I ask puzzled and concerned. *Did he hurt himself internally somehow? Does he have a headache? Is it his tooth?*

“It’s a bug, Mommy”

I breath a sigh that he is ok, but my raised eyebrow and look on my face scream “bewildered”.

“Umm, what IS a bug, Noah?”

“It’s right there… loooook” as he points to something I can barely see.

And there it is……… the scariest thing on the planet, my nemesis to date.

HAIR.. MY hair to be exact.

I shake my head. “Noah, it’s JUST hair. Mommy’s hair. You have hair too. See?” I point to his hair, and mine.

“It’s hair?” he asked with a sweet little voice. I nod. Glad he “seems” to get it.

But every day after that moment, all the bath time issues said otherwise.

Why the haircut then, you ask?

Well as of just a few days, he has freaked out over his OWN hair.

“Ouch! Mommy!!! It’s a bug!” as he grabs his hair and cries. Somehow every time his little hairs touch his neck or ears he screams bug.

“Um no, Noah it’s YOUR hair.”

About the 3rd day of this, I was done.

A few youtube videos  later, I became a “pro”. *wink*

He screamed at first, but then became the perfect little client for me. Even tilted his head when I asked.

noah hair

(Although it may look like I didn’t cut much, it’s WAY shorter than it was.. the before picture doesn’t do the length complete justice. )

After I chopped most of the hair in the back of his head off, he said out of the blue, “I feel much better Mommy”.

Gosh he can be cute!

I hope we are on our way to hair being HAIR and not bugs. 😉 Now if only crumbs could be crumbs.. Fuzz fuzz.. ya you get the idea.

Motherhood.. Never a dull moment!


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