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Have Stains? Use Dawn!

Sarah Oneal is a Stay and Home mother to two adorable little boys, 16 months and 3. Married to her best friend, so far for 7 years. She enjoys simple things in life, is a organizer wanna be and is slowing learning that cooking at home is actually pretty fun. She loves to share handy ideas on Mondays, and this is one of those ideas! Hope you find it “Handy!” 😉


My mom told me once about something that cleans stains REALLY well. Amazingly it’s just a simple kitchen item. It’s dawn soap.

I have a small dawn original scent soap container that I leave in our laundry room. It’s really amazing! The small container one is nice and easy to use too.

Noah’s poopy clothes, should we have a blow out, get cleaned! You would never know that the clothing had a blow out. Nice picture I know, but gets the idea across. haha

It’s cleaned just about any stain that I know of. I don’t drink wine, so I don’t know about that one.

What I do is: when I have an article of clothing that needs the stain removed I just pour dawn soap on it. You can scrub it a little with a brush if you want, it might help more at times I think. I don’t normally need to though. Then put the clothing in the washer and add your normal detergent. Viola! Stain removed!

I would double-check the clothing from the washer before putting in dryer should you need to repeat the process once more. (I’ve done that a few times)

Now isn’t that Handy? 😉




  1. jeannineleavitt says

    love your organizational skills…. I have absoloutly none. going to try to do one room at a time. thanks. Jeannine.


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