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Home Sweet Home – About our house (no pictures yet)

Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

For a while now, we have wanted to sell our little home. It’s a 1000 sq ft home. It’s got 4 rooms with a kitchen and 1 bathroom.

The living room and dining room(which is our computer/dinning room) really make up the bulk of the house. The bedrooms are not what we call big, but adequate. There are 2.  Noah sleeps in our room, while Jeremiah is in the other room. Someday we hope to have Noah in Jeremiah’s room, whenever he gets to a toddler bed.

The bathroom is not bad, as it’s not TINY, but there is only one. We have gotten used to this, but the location is annoying. The only way to get to the bathroom is through one of the 2 bedrooms. There is a door to it from each room. SO, when my husband, who is a night worker sleeps, and then my first-born, Jeremiah, naps, and I have a guest over. Guess what?  Yep, kinda hard to use the bathroom without being very careful!  Not that I have TONS of guests over you see, but still even I don’t like walking in the room with one of them asleep, especially Noah, as he naps in our room too.

The kitchen is actually nice. It’s updated. No dish washer though, which honestly I didn’t even notice when we bought the place 4 almost 5 years ago. I really noticed it when we tried to sell this house. That made me laugh!

OH I forgot to mention, this is a home-built in 1910.  So it’s got an older look to it. With that, the updated kitchen is noticeably nice, and so is the bathroom (it’s updated too).

When no one seemed to really want our house, as the price was not what they were looking for. They always offered extremely lower than what we had it at, with us paying basically all closing costs and such. We would end up paying to sell our house. Kinda a bummer.  We opted to keep it.

Such is the verse at the top.  I am learning to be content with this little home. :)  I find peace in this little house.  When I come home, I can just relax. I like that.

We are finding ways to make this house cute and our own now. I still plan on pictures on Tuesday.

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