How to Solve 3 Problems that can happen with Organizing

How to Solve 3 Problems that can happen with Organizing

I am rather new at organizing, honestly. It’s something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but never REALLY got into it.

Until now. I have been trying my hand at organizing.

Having said that, I have learned a few things as I continue organizing this home of ours.

There are 3 BIG problems when you want to organize.  (At least they are TO ME)

  • Mindset
  • Stuff
  • Money

Mindset.  You need to change your mindset to organizing. It’s not a thing you just do on a whim. If you REALLY want to live organized, you need to change your mindset. Focus on getting stuff done. Dropping laziness. Changing aspects of yourself that would hinder living more organized. You want to organize? Just do it! Set your mind to the task and complete it!  This is something I have to constantly re-program in myself. Not being the most organized person, this is difficult, but worth it.

Stuff:  This one always gets me. Walk into the storage section of Target, or any organizing section of ANY store  and look at all that eye candy! The pretty boxes, all the PERFECT shelves, EVERYTHING that would make organizing SO easy.. right?  If you ONLY had this.. THEN you could do it.. Or maybe if you just had THAT it could be done.. (granted there are some things needed, but when it comes down to actually organizing, you really don’t NEED a lot).  I’ve been learning that if you REALLY want to LIVE organized, you JUST DO IT.  Its like if you REALLY want to work out, buying a treadmill isn’t going to make you do it. You would do it with whatever you had.  This to me goes with organizing. You really want to? Start today! Cardboard boxes can go ALONG way. ;)

Money:  Gee, isn’t there a lack of it?  It always feels like it will cost TONS of money to organize, when in fact it won’t.  As I went through this house and put things in their places, I started to realize simply DOING IT made it work. I didn’t have to spend a dime!  Sometimes you might need a few plastic tubs from Walmart, or maybe a small container or label here and there, but the cost CAN be very low if you work with what you have and buy the very minimal amount of things to get things flowing in each space.

So how do you solve the 3 problems?

Change your mindset, don’t get caught up in needing all the stuff to get things done, and realize you do not NEED tons of money to achieve organization.  As simple as that sounds, it’s something you will have to work on. I should know, I am doing it each time I work on the next organizing task!


  1. says

    I find that when I finally get myself organized, keeping it that way is much easier than getting that way in the first place. We recently created a command center in our new office but that definitely cost a little bit of money. I think if you need some organizational stuff you could sell something and use the proceeds! We sold a big desk for $75 and used about $40 or so for the command center. But at the end of the day, you’re right – you’ve just got to do it! :)
    Nicole Beard recently posted..How (and Why) to Create a RoutineMy Profile

    • Sarah says

      I totally agree. The few places in the house that have finally got it together seem to work better since I took it serious with organizing starting in November last year. SO Much easier to keep it that way. But trying to figure out HOW to make it work is hard!

      I do agree with some things costing. I like the idea of selling something to get the item you want. If you keep the costs low, it would be pretty easy to make the money needed. Even though eBay. :)

      And I agree, it’s nice to meet another fellow Kansan and a close one at that! :)

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