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I Scared Food? HUH?

Finally put on his robe. SO cute!

Last week we had an interesting evening. It’s one of those times where you want to laugh, but you are so frustrated you don’t. Then when you look back you start laughing and think, OMGOSH kids! What they think of!

Jeremiah I tell you is so interesting.  Food and him are not the best friends. It’s not that he’s like picky, and yet he is. He loves pizza btw, and we had pizza on the night he decided to be different.

It started with me cutting up his piece, and then saying Jeremiah it’s on the table, come and eat your pizza. Normally the little boy would come running get in HIS chair and we would pray, then eat. Ahh pleasent. Not always perfect, because well I have Noah to entertain too, you know the one who DOESN”T eat much yet. 😉

Anyways, Jeremiah came up got a bite and then didn’t want anymore. This was odd. “You don’t what any?” “No”  Was his reply. I tried everything, singing as I brought the food to his mouth, making the fork a crane, a truck, etc etc. He was rather entertained when I put the pizza in MY mouth as an example to show how YUMMY it was, but once it went to his, nope not going to happen.

After a while I asked why he wouldn’t eat the food. His response? “I scared” umm excuse me? What? “You are scared of the pizza?” “yes”  silence.. umm Oook.  I explain how pizza isn’t scary, and how he’s had it before, and nope he just scared of pizza.

So we pray (just in case. I mean seriously, WHO knows? He may have had a bad dream *shrug*) then I say so are you still scared of pizza. “Yes” and said more like are you kidding me? of course I am still scared.

Then I say ok well then, how bout you have a fruit bar? butter crackers? Gram crackers? and on and on. Nope, then out comes “I scared food” Oh brother!  Whatever was my thought. Now I know you just don’t want to eat, period.

I decided this was a good time to get the bath ready for the boys. As I turned on the water I plopped Noah in (he likes to play with the running water), I said come on Jeremiah, you can take one too.

“No I go eat pizza!” as he runs to the table where his cut pizza is sitting on a plate. Now I am ready to laugh. Ahhh ha!

I looked at him and replied “oh, ok so you want to eat huh?” “yes”. “ok prove it. Eat your pizza.”

low and behold he did, two pieces in fact, and then something else. He turned out to be rather hungry. He still had a bath too. 😉

The things we go through as mommies! (And Daddies) lol



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    Good for you for respecting his feelings. He was able to work through whatever he needed to and then could go on. Our youngest is like this and it can be very frustrating, but it is funny!! Just last night we were eating and he said handed me his fork. “I don’t want anymore” Okay, Peter. Oh, your fork has cheese on it, is it freaking you out? “Yes.” Okay, lets just wipe it off with your napkin. “Thanks mom.” My husband looked at me and just started to laugh. He said, I would have never figured that one out! But when you are with them all the time, like I am, you really start to get their personality. I also say that my youngest is strange in the best way and I just adore him. Sounds like you are doing great. Laughing really helps!!! Great post!!

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      I totally understand the freaking out part! haha Jeremiah gets spaghetti without the sauce. And the other day I had given him a little of mine (with sauce, but I made sure it had hardly any on the little I gave him) and he was like “What’s that??” I said oh that’s tomato. He was like “eww yuk” He wouldn’t eat the noodles until that tiny spec (we are talking TINY) disappeared from his bowl. So I ate it. lol The look he gave me. Ahh yes, they are interesting, but it’s good that we can spend the time with them and learn their personalities. :)

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    Don’t you wish you could climb in their heads and see what they are thinking? My little ones have come out with some funny stuff and I often wonder the thought process behind it. They keep us hopping don’t they?
    Cheryl@OntheOldPath recently posted..Back HomeMy Profile

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      haha No kidding! SO many times I think, if ONLY I could get into that little brain of his and figure out what he is thinking. I pray for understanding constantly! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

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    HA, this sounds like my house, love the name Jeremiah, that is my oldest son name. In our house its spaghetti sauce that is not liked, please put my meatballs on a seperate plate, so now the two little ones have 2 plates one with pasta one with meatballs, if I dare put a smidgen of sauce on pasta the entire thing is not eaten, the joys of being a mam! Love it. Your blog is wonderful.
    Pamela / Pamela’s Heavenly Treats recently posted..Deep Chocolate Healthy Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream FrostingMy Profile

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      I pray for understanding constantly with him. He is so interesting in his reactions and how he deals with things. :) Only with the Lord can I handle Jeremiah. 😉

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    I’m glad Jeremiah ate… My kids would eat just about anything. To this day my sister comments how she loves when my kids come over for dinner because they will eat whatever she feeds them. They have never been picky eaters. It’s funny how sometimes we just can’t get into their brains to figure out why he got “scared.”

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      Ahh how wonderful! So glad you children eat. I would LOVE that! My youngest doesn’t even eat. It’s crazy. My mom tells me that when my brother and I were kids we didn’t have issues eating food, but my kids are just weird. 😉

      True, I do wish I could figure out why he was “scared”. Someday, when he is older I hope he will explain more to me. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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