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Jeremiah and the BIG dump trucks

I was laughing in the car to myself last week. I had to run an errand

Errands with little ones aren’t ever REALLY smooth, although this one was pretty smooth, it was filled with 3 year old chatter.

As you may have known from previous posts, my son loves ALL things with wheels, most especially trucks right now.  The trucks of choice these past few weeks have been construction vehicles.

I happily tell my son,  “Mommy needs to go to the bank”  He, getting excited, replied “Jeremiah and Noah go with Mommy!!” I nod my head and smile, “Yes! Of course, I need you guys to come with me.”

I get the boys into the car and off we go.

We stop at a stop light, then he sees it, a BIG red dump truck, a REAL one. “Mommy! Mommy! BIG dump truck! Red Dump Truck! I see Dump Truck! Mommy Mommy!!”

“Yes, Jeremiah, I SEE it, wow!”  I smiled at my cute little guys enthusiasm.

The light turns green and we continue on our way. Low and behold, we see a BIG yellow dump truck (I tell you they were out last week!)

“Mommy!! Mommy! BIG dump truck! I see dump truck!! Mommy I see dump truck!”

My reply “I see it too! wow! It’s sure big!”

Once we get to the bank, my sons say “I see Bank”. I just smile. He sure is cute.

Getting the transaction  completed at the drive through, my son starts to talk about dump trucks NON stop. This little boy is adorable, but he sure can talk a subject dry. *laughs*

“I see dump truck. Where dump truck, Mommy? Go see dump truck? I saw dump truck!” and it continued.

“Jeremiah, I don’t know where the dump truck went, but we MAY see it on the way.”

He then replies “PLEASE!!!”  As if I have the power to produce a dump truck right then. The mind of a child always amazes me. 😉

“Jeremiah, as I stated, I don’t know if we will”

As we get closer to home, my little guy wasn’t to thrilled. We did not in fact see another dump truck.

But he did run and play with his little red one in his room. :)

PS. If you are curious what Noah was doing, he was complete quiet the WHOLE time! haha




  1. says

    Funny, I know my children will ask similar questions. I love how they thing anything is possible. I wonder how different my life would be if I stepped out of the box and looked at life as anything is possible. Children are wonderful at helping us look at things in a different light. I also love their enthusiasm! Have a great day and I hope Jeremiah sees another dump truck soon!
    Cheryl@OntheOldPath recently posted..What is God doing in your life?My Profile

    • says

      You are so right, they do help us see things in a different light. Like how they just trust. I love it. Then I look at me, and how I should trust my Lord like that. It’s a learning lesson. :)

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. says

    I love that stage!!! Where the tiniest of things (things we take for granted like a big, huge dump truck on the road) bring the greatest joy. Honestly, it so snaps you back into the reality of what’s important and how happy the simplest thing can make our little ones.
    Wow…that was deep for a Tuesday. :)
    Susan recently posted..Everything for MamaMy Profile

    • says

      Aww thank you, they truly are precious. :)

      You are right, it’s trying, but then all together fun. Their voices are just to cute!

  3. Mom says

    Noah was quiet? It must have been he was so interested in Jeremiah’s talk that he had nothing to say. ;O) Oh I can just imagine Jeremiah going on and on about those trucks. lol What a cutie!!

  4. says

    When my guys were little and going stir crazy, I would load them in the car and find an active construction site. I would park where we could see everything and let them unbuckle to roam around the car getting the best view. We spent several lovely afternoons in the company of “snorts”, dump trucks and backhoes. They were enthralled.
    Julie recently posted..Terrific TuesdayMy Profile

    • says

      That is such a great idea!!! Thank you! I am going to have to do that with my boys. I am sure Jeremiah would be excited beyond words. :)

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