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Life lessons through the eyes of a child

Life Lessons through the eyes of a child

As my kids grow up I am learning new challenges.  After having two, it seems babies are rather easy. Not that they don’t have hard days, but my thoughts about how to deal with them have greatly relaxed.

I’m realizing as my kids grow I am dealing with life lessons that are much harder then simply changing a diaper. Things related to lying, feelings, questions about science etc.

Seeing life through the eyes of Jeremiah, to be exact, is becoming interesting.

He’s 5, and with that age has come a more “grown” look on life. Granted, he’s got a LONG way to go, but I’ve noticed how he deals with things, the questions he asks, and how he plays, change.

Recently in the morning we had a severe thunder storm.

Now this wasn’t a major deal, just a bigger storm. No tornado watches or anything, but something that freaks out the kids. Especially EARLY in the morning.  It started around 5am.

Noah quickly came upstairs and was comforted just being in bed with me, while Jeremiah must have slept through some of it, because he showed up at 6am after a LOUD boom.

He ran upstairs, forgetting his blankie and looking rather shaken.

He used to just cry and lose it for a long time.  But this time he asks TONS of questions.  This CAN be annoying, but then again they can be wonderful.

He asked me this:

“Jesus is in control of the thunder?”  I melted.  I have been telling him that Jesus is in control.

Jeremiah looked at me with concerned eyes, wanting reassurance that our Savior was in control.

“Yes, Jeremiah He is. Completely. I’m rather thankful for the down pour actually. We won’t have to water the lawn!” 😉

He seemed to calm a bit, and then I asked if he wanted to pray. So we did.

I love this. My desire IS these kids grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and love Him beyond anything.

Jeremiah asked me a few more questions, and then shyly said “Could we ask Jesus to maybe make the storm quieter?”

I explained that we could request, but just because we request it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. If He chooses to, He will. And He may not. It’s His will. But He always wants us to ask.

So we did. And you know what? It was quieter from then on out.

I love that. Jesus is showing Himself to my little boy and it makes my heart sore. The Love of my life, and showing His love to Jeremiah.

This is what I love seeing through Jeremiah. He is realizing Jesus loves him. He is realizing Jesus is in control. These are life lessons I pray blossom as he grows into a young man of God.

When these moments happen, they cause me to really think about what I am telling Jeremiah too.

God IS in control, do I believe this ?  It’s harder to teach my kids if I am not living what I preach.  Something I think about often.  In these moments, even the Lord is working on my heart. Showing me and asking me the same questions.

Telling me – “I am in control through the storms, trust Me.”


    • Sarah says

      It is interesting to have these conversations. Sometimes I am like.. uhhh. Like the why questions. “Why are clouds white” and such. hehe They sure have tons of questions. But I sure love the ones about Him. :)

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