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As the dust settles heres a short update

It’s been forever and a day since I wrote a blog post..  Seems like a lot has happened and yet not much. You know how it goes. Life gets busy but when you really sit down it’s like, what kept me so busy!?

As I was almost ready to drop this blog many times over I just couldn’t. As I slowly pick up again, bare with me!

For starters lets give a little update!

We refinanced our house! yay!  It FINALLY was completed at the end of August.  That week was crazy. Signing papers making sure we gave the info to the right people etc etc.  It’s like buying a house all over! So glad it’s over.

I received Jeremiah’s school supplies and then I got overwhelmed. I know it’s ONLY kindergarten, but for me it was a major step.

Honestly.. I don’t WANT to homeschool, but I WANT to homeschool. If that makes any sense.  I want to homeschool for MANY reasons, but as I sit down to actually be the teacher, I realize my hearts not in it.  I know the Lord has changed my heart many times over (to be a mother, to actually like homemaking), and know He will give me the desire to to actually do it, but until then He has graciously enlisted my mother.

She is going to homeschool Jeremiah for a time, and from time to time I’ll be a teachers aid, so I can learn from her. She DID homeschool me, and I am happy to learn from her. I loved her being my teacher growing up.

Gosh it seems SO much more has happened.. I hope to start getting posts out soon. I have SO many ideas flying in my head! Since the house situation is done, and the dust is settling. Feels like I can move on and start getting this house back in order! Time to pump out organized posts again cause ladies, this house has gone to pot! wink

Thanks for sticking with me!


    • Sarah says

      She really is a wonderful mother/friend. :) I am hoping I can get back into the swing of it. It hard to believe I’ve been gone for a few months about!!

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