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Little Helpers and Mommy learning to let go

I had a thought a few weeks ago about myself and my “little helpers”.

I have had the hardest time keeping up with laundry, that IS located downstairs. BUT that’s not a good enough excuse really.

It just has been feeling like I can’t get stuff done around here. Then it dawned on me why. I have “little helpers”.

I pinned this and posted it on Facebook once, because it’s SO true!


It doesn’t stop with laundry.

If I want to clean, they are RIGHT there. “What’s you doing mommy?”  Jeremiah quickly says as he shows up on the scene of my cleaning, then Noah pops up with “I want help you”.

My first thought usually is, oh well, guess I’ll do whatever it was I was doing later.

Then it hit me.


Ok, I know, I’ve been one for over 3 years. But I am new at the whole “little helper” stage really.

I’ve decided to encourage my little helpers to help me. While the task takes probably hours longer, I have found it makes for a much happier mother, and really happier kids too. 😉

Some days I don’t finish the laundry completely. Goodness knows I don’t even attempt to fold it until my husband is giving the boys a bath or during naps, but Noah is now my little helper as much as he can with laundry.

We both go downstairs and he helps push the buttons and put laundry in the washer or dryer. It helps that they are side loaders.

Another fun task I decided to try with the boys, was to take up a pinterest cleaning tip I found. You take a dryer sheet and wipe the baseboards all over your house. It gets the dust up great, and supposedly coats the baseboard to repel dust and mites. We shall see in a few more week how true that is, but so far after about a week it’s looking good!

I handed each of the boys a dryer sheet and explained the task.


Jeremiah was very good at it. He got right to it, and helped me decide which room we should do next.  It was cute.

Noah on the other hand was completely lost. I tried to explain what we were doing, but he just looked at me, then at the dryer sheet.  He dropped the dryer sheet and was eventually more interested in whatever Jeremiah was doing. He was a very good observer.

Got him with his eyes almost closed. hehe Oops ;)

All in all, I think I just need to realize I have great helpers.  Helpers that will make life more interesting, fun, and memorable. Even if each task takes longer. 😉



  1. Mom says

    I am glad you realized what you have with you. lol I miss my little helpers. ;O) The older they get the more they can really help you, although, Jeremiah seems to be able to help you really well now. Enjoy the time. They soon move out and you have to do it all by yourself again. :O(

    • says

      You are right! Gosh it feels like daily Jeremiah turns into an even better helper. :) So willing, most of the time. 😉 I’ll enjoy it. I’ll just keep having kids, then it will last a while. lol j/k I don’t know that I can survive another one. 😉

    • says

      So true. :) We all will just remember all the cool times together. :) I sure did with my family. We did have a great time! I hope the boys will one day agree.

    • says

      haha It’s funny how it ends, the enthusiasm that is. I think it’s funny that they LOVE to wake up early (5am) and one day, when they HAVE to get up, they will want to sleep in. Funny how life is like that. 😉 haha

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