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Marriage, Motherhood, and the like..

I was doing dishes the other day, and thoughts about my life passed by me. Things like Marriage, and motherhood.

Do you ever get those thoughts like “WOW I am married! And to “that” guy over there!” as you look over at your husband.

I do that often. Sometimes I stand totally amazed I am married to him. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. It’s a wonderful thing. I love him more now then I did when I married him. Its just a funny thought to think I am actually married and almost for 8 years already!

We were best friends for a few years before I realized I was in love with him. So it’s amazing I am married to him when I think back how me met and all that.


Then there are thoughts of the kids. I was amazed and stood in awe that I had Jeremiah. ONE kid.. now I am embarking on 3! Sometimes I sit down and ponder that fact.


Three kids.. wow. I have met many bloggers that have 5 to 6. So three I suppose isn’t THAT much, but for me it’s walking into foreign ground. I only had my brother growing up.

I am excited and yet scared at the same time. This pregnancy has been going fast, so fast I haven’t really had time to think much about it. Soon she will be here..


Maybe I am in the 3 trimester nesting faze, but I feel as though I need to get on the ball. I have a few things I want to get done before she gets here.

I’ve got a list, and some WILL get done while others, well I think I’m almost dreaming. 😉

1. Clothes storage place for the baby (a chest of drawers or something, realized we had nothing to put her clothes in!)

2. Get the bassinet ready to go.

3. Baby items found and set in a place to find for later. (Breast pump (all parts and plugs), blankets, toys etc)

4. Potty train Jeremiah before baby is born. haha I know, this one is DREAMING.  If you have been following the blog a while, you might have thought we had reached success by now. But alas the boy is so not interested. Sure he KNOWS what it’s about, but just not motivated.  Any advise you could give a desperate mother would be totally helpful!  Any DVDs or fun ideas to motivate a child to WANT to pee/poop in the toilet?

5. Watch birthing and breastfeeding videos to get a refresher on birth and all that again.

6. Learn how to have a baby WITHOUT a midwife or anyone JUST in case this baby pops out before the midwife makes it. (My second was rather fast) and learn what to do to wait for her. This makes me laugh, and yet its a scary thought. It would make for an interesting memory though.. 😉

Just a few things to get done..  I am sure there are more, but making this list even now on here might be a good reference for me.

Ahh the joys of pregnancy and changes.  Life is so interesting. 😉



  1. says

    I asked my husband just last week if he ever feels like he’s not old enough to own a house, have kids and all the rest… I still can’t believe I’m old enough to have kids, own a house, manage the budget, and all the rest. On the inside, I’m definitely still a kid!!!

    I can’t wait to meet Miss Abby! (or you, for that matter. :D)
    Karen Dawkins recently posted..Winter Travel TipsMy Profile

    • says

      It IS weird that we grow up and yet don’t feel a day older.. Well until our back goes out or we realize we can’t stay up all night. haha But then the mind is still young. :)

      Will be nice to meet you as well! :)

  2. Susan Cooper says

    I have done the same thing, and I have been married for 35 years. :). What your describe about the coming needs of a new arrival was fun to read. I can’t wait to hear about your newest addition. :)
    Susan Cooper recently posted..A Language Lesson: StoryMy Profile

    • says

      I can’t wait to write about how Abigail arrives. It’s going to be nothing I have ever experienced. While natural births are a norm for me, a midwife and home are not. I am used to the Hospital and doctors. Will make for a memorable blog post. I do hope we don’t have the baby before the midwife shows though. haha What a crazy adventure THAT would be! :)

  3. Mom says

    No picture of Jeremiah?? ;O)
    I am with all the rest of you. I just can’t believe I am married and will have 5 GRANDKIDS! That takes some getting use to saying. I still don’t don’t believe I am a grandma, let alone married 35 and have kids. I guess we really never “grow up”

    • says

      😉 I suppose I should of grabbed ONE picture of Jeremiah. Mostly I wanted one of Adam. Noah just happened to make it in the picture.

      Ya that is weird. 5 grand-kids. I hadn’t thought about that. And you don’t look like you do either, which is always nice. :)

    • says

      Time does fly by! Sometimes I’ll look at a Bridal magazine and remember all the times I was SO into planning one. Now it’s all about babies. 😉 Having children is amazing totally! :)

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