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My brain is on a break

I think my brain is on a break.

I think my brain either feels on over load, or simply its dead from forgetfulness and all the things that come with pregnancy. 😉

I have baby on the brain. She is coming soon, and it’s about all I can think about is getting ready.

I thought it might be fun to pull out some old posts I wrote a while back that I love. I know many of you probably have not read them, as they were written before I ventured out of my site.

My brain is on a break

A Story of  a Fly

The first one comes to mind often, as I still don’t like bugs. Jeremiah has gotten a bit better with them, but still maintains a fear.I wrote this post on a day he was displaying his fear, and was reminded of my own. To this day I still laugh at myself. I cannot believe how I can act. Thankfully I have grown a bit since being a mother. I realize how I react really helps how my kids react to situations too.


My brain is on a break

Kids Sick? Try These

This post is something that is truly informative  I love these products and still stand by them when my kids or even my husband and I are sick.   We do not get sick very often, as we take vitamins (A LOT of Vitamin C too), but when we do these are some of my go to helps. Maybe they could help you?

My brain is on a break

How Jeremiah was named

I love remembering this. I often think about when my little Jeremiah was named, and stand in complete awe.

My brain is on a break

One Moment Peace and the next..aaaa

A post that makes me just laugh at life. 😉

I think I could go on in on. It’s fun to go through older posts.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Mom says

    I remember the fly one the best. lol Weird I never commented on that one. And I still wish I was the lady in the car watching you. ;O)

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