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Need a cleaning Schedule?

Need a cleaning schedule? Try one of these 4!

Need a cleaning schedule?  I found a few on Pinterest the other day. These are GREAT lists!  I am an organizer wanna be.  While I do see much improvement, I have a LONG way to go.  I think I am developing my own cleaning schedule, and someday maybe I’ll write it down for print. 😉

These are nice break downs for a schedule when cleaning your home.  I hope they help you in your quest to get your house cleaned up!

Be sure to check out the “sources” section at the bottom of this post.  The ladies who made these schedules have some really great blogs.  I especially enjoy Tip Junkie.  SO much info, you might get overwhelmed.  Or you might just find yourself totally inspired and get to organizing your home.


cleaning schedule

Printable Version


cleaning schedule

Printable Version


cleaning schedule

Printable Version


cleaning schedule

Printable Version

I have tried my hand at the last one.  For the first week, I was going strong. Feeling successful and ready to conquer cleaning up my WHOLE house. I totally loved the simpleness of that schedule  but soon found myself never looking at it each morning.  Shame on me!

I do hope these will help you, even if I can’t seem to stick to one yet. As I said, I am an organizer wanna be. 😉

Be sure to check out the sources of these schedules:

Tip Junkie

Discover Creative

Blooming Homestead

Little Green Notebook


  1. says

    I feel SO guilty just reading those lol! I haven’t been able to do much housework in years (due to chronic pain and simply not bending this way or that anymore). Even so, that last list sounds like rigorous cleaning indeed. Seems more like something I’d do for spring cleaning. Then again, I don’t have kids either :)
    Shannon recently posted..Poetry for pain and the drunks next doorMy Profile

    • says

      Ahh, don’t feel too guilty! I am sure you are doing what you can. :) I have to modify that last list, for myself, as I don’t do some of it, and some of it I only do once a month. 😉

    • says

      I hope one helps get you started in the right direction. I know that last one for some reason is working for me. :) It’s weird how when you have a set schedule everything just falls into place, and when you have time (which in reality, you don’t as a grandmother, and mom to your children EVEN though they are grown), it just doesn’t fall into place. My mom can understand too. 😉

  2. Mom says

    I kinda of like the first list and the last list, Sarah. I will have to give them a try. I feel so scattered brain too and I just don’t really have any excuse. lol :O) Hopefully one of these will help.

  3. says

    I love lists. I am going to try one of these and see if it helps me. I always have good intentions of cleaning the house but seem to get sidetracked. Of course the 4 little ones following behind me making a mess faster than I can clean is part of the reason I get sidetracked. But here’s hoping one of these lists will keep me ahead of the game :)
    Marisa Frank recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Black Belt EditionMy Profile

    • says

      lol I know what you mean! The house doesn’t stay clean very long. I did the “deep vacuuming” from the list that’s last and soon after that the boys got chips all over the carpet. Fun fun. 😉 I think I work better having something TELL me to clean, instead of planning it myself. That’s why I liked these. Hope they work for you too, even if it gets messy all over again. It still can make you feel like you have accomplished something. :)

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