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Operation: Changing My Kids Picky Eating Habits – Update after 2 months

Operation: Changing My Kids Picky Eating Habits - Update after 2 months

It’s been almost two months since I embarked on changing my kids picky eating habits.

I remember being frustrated and tired of the battles we would have over dinner (and other meals for that matter).  Of course we would have a few days where it was something they both really liked. On those days there were no battles.

I was making a delicious meal for my husband and myself (and Abby), one that the boys would never touch.  I was done.

Enter the game plan.

They would eat what I set before them or starve.

Seemed simple enough.

The first night wasn’t to bad, nor was the second. Although I found myself begging Jeremiah (my oldest) to eat..

Not like on my knees or anything, but with lines like..

“Jeremiah, no food after this, just eat your spaghetti.”

“Don’t forget to eat kiddo!”

“Eat your food buddy”

He would get so involved with a toy or something else he wouldn’t eat, hence my nagging. (We have since removed all toys from the table when we eat, makes life SO much easier!)

Noah, who is 3, was a little less work, but still learning the art of the spoon and fork. I just helped him, with a little firmness to get that first bite in his mouth then we were pretty much good to go.

It was a week in and I had the pleasure of being contacted by Jo Cormack.  She offered to have me read a book of hers called War & Peas, and it completely fined tuned a few things for me.

First, I dropped the nagging.  Then I became relaxed completely with the whole food thing.

Granted, this wasn’t over night. I had to hold my tongue many times as I was so accustomed to nagging him to eat, and he was used to hearing it too.

After two months of making dinner, and placing it in front of the boys I am happy to say they actually are starting to enjoy dinners AND eating different foods!

Noah likes spaghetti pie, enchiladas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I know, odd, but he wouldn’t eat them once upon a time) and much more. This is coming from the boy who ONLY ate chips or toast, so this is major progress.

Jeremiah doesn’t fight me nearly as much as he used to over dinner, in fact he says “what are we having mommy?” I reply with something like burritos and he says “Oh YUMMY!”  Much better then his old reply “I’ll never eat EVER!”

I basically just make the meal up I have planned for the day and put everything we are having on the plate in child sized portions.  Everyone gets the same stuff.

If we are having curry chicken with mixed veggies and rice, that is exactly what the boys will get.  They haven’t eaten their veggies much yet, but they are there and I see them show interest in them.  Jeremiah will try one from time to time and this is progress.  Noah likes them, but will go for the other items on the plate most of the time.

I make sure not to have lots of snacks an hour or so before dinner, and have NO food after. They know the rules and therefore, if they choose to not eat dinner, it’s their choice. I have them take their plate to the kitchen when they are done and then they can go play.  Jeremiah is catching on and will clean the plate most of the time, before declaring he is done.

Noah is still young, but getting the idea. I am ever so slightly different with him, as I feel he is more in the teaching faze of this method. While the rules still are solid, I will explain them at each meal to him. I want him to fully get the idea there is NO food after he puts his plate in the kitchen. He’s catching on.

I am completely happy with this way of doing our meals, I even do it for breakfast and lunch, even snacks.

They have become much better eaters from this.

Makes this mama happy!


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