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Organize Tips – Kitchen

There are so many cool organizing ideas out there, I decided every once in a while I’d pick a room and list a bunch of great organizing you can do in that room.

Today is the Kitchen.

As always, these ideas were found on pinterest. Most of them are simply a picture with a simple explanation.

Storage is always a big deal in the kitchen. Be it a big kitchen or small. These ideas are simple and very effective.

Repurposed Hardware

Take a trip to the hardware store for a few basic supplies, and in just a little bit of time, you can have a customized utensil holder. Paint galvanized pipe straps and narrow strips of wood in desired colors. Once dry, screw the pipe straps into the wooden strips and hang on the wall or on the back of a door. Then, simply slip utensils through the pipe straps. (Idea found at Better Homes and Gardens)


Towel/Curtain Rod Pot Lid Holder

You can use a towel rack for this, or a cheap curtain rod.  Seems so effective and simple! Use them on your walls in the kitchen, or even in the cabinets.  (Found on a site called Instructables)


Magazine Holder with a new use

Use a magazine holder, or filer to hold your plastic wraps, foils and bags.  I thought this was really neat!

Fruit Holder

Use a cute magazine holder that hangs on the wall, and put your fruit in it. I thought these looked classy and pretty!  I don’t normally have my fruit out of the fridge, but if you do, this might be a space saver, while being attractive.


Coffee Containers

This was SO neat!  We get coffee a lot, and would have had TONS of these containers! This was a totally ingenious idea.  You can spray paint them any color, put on a label you want and viola you have a cute container for your dry goods.  You could even use this for crafts and such outside the kitchen.

Some sources aren’t stated, as I couldn’t find them. 


  1. Mom says

    Those look like some very neat ideas. I liked the one holding the plastic wrap and foil one. It would free up a much needed draw. :)

  2. Susan Cooper says

    I love these ideas. The repurposing of an item really sings to me. I have always struggle with where and how to store lids. That idea is ingenious and will be something I will do. :)
    Susan Cooper recently posted..Figs & Honey Dessert RecipeMy Profile

    • says

      When I saw that lid storage I was ready to drop everything and do it. haha I just have them all in a drawer for now, but I thought this was PERFECT! I am with you, I struggle with where and how to store them too. :)

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