LOVE these classes!

Outside Cleanup, with a 3 yr old.

All the nice weather has brought on a little desire to clean up the outside. Mind you we didn’t under take A LOT. But some leaves and grass from mowing the lawn needed removal. Noah and I got to watch the CUTEST show. My little 3 year old helping Daddy with it all. It was SO cute, I had to take TONS of pictures. 😉

Here are a few.

It is so adorable to watch him “help” Daddy out. He actually was doing a really good job! I was pretty impressed. And of course, little Noah was a GREAT watcher. :)

I think the back grassy section looks WAY better. The grass needs to grow a bit, but now that the leaves are gone, it can now grow!  Kinda nice not having TONS of grass, less to mow! My husband sure loves it.


  1. Mom says

    Wow, I think Grandpa could use the services of your helper when he is mowing the lawn or other things to do outside. Such a helper and you have a great watcher too. :O) They happen to also be real cuties too. :O) Adam and his helper did a great job!!

    • says

      haha 😉 And he was SUCH a good helper! :)

      The font is “‘Lobster Two’, arial, serif” I like it too. I comment back on the “inside” of my blog, so I had not noticed it was different! haha 😉 It’s the same font as the titles to each post. I love this font too!
      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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