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Paper Portraits

As I hadn’t thought of a handy original idea for today, I went on a search for some nifty ideas. :) I found one that I just might have to try! I can so imagine Jeremiah, Noah, and my husbands “profile” pictures on our wall!

I found this on Family Fun. Such a cute magazine!


  • Close-up photo of your child’s profile
  • Craft knife
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Glue
  1. To make one, take a close-up photograph of your child’s profile. Enlarge the image to the desired size on your computer (for an older snapshot, use a copier), print it, then cut out the profile with a craft knife.
  2. Trace the profile on the back of scrapbooking paper and cut it out. Lightly glue the image on another piece of paper and frame it.Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  If you have made one of these, let me know how it turned out. I know it might look simple, but my craftiness isn’t so great, so it may turn out harder then I expect! 😉


  1. Daddy says

    Disneyland does this with black on white while you watch in the New Orleans area. We have one of Danny, You, Brad and Josiah.

    • says

      True :) I remember that. This one is a bit easier, though. 😉 I was thinking about Disneyland as I saw this, and thought YAY maybe I could do it now. haha

  2. April says

    Hey, that’s a nice tute! Thanks for sharing! I hope to get to try this someday for Obe! On a side note about crafty tutes–if you get a chance you might try They have all kinds of em’!

    • says

      I am going to have to poke around that site. Looks so up my alley! :) I do hope I remember to try this, haha, there are SO many cool ideas out there, and yet I don’t remember to TRY them!

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