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3 Kids will make you a Soccer Mom at some point..

As most of you know, we are expecting our third child, a little girl in March.  Life changes are on the way!

With that being said,  I’m a Soccer Mom now.. Curious how that happened?

I’ll get straight to the point. We own two cars. A Mazda Protege and a Mazda 5. We like Mazda, can you tell?

The Protege obviously won’t fit 3 kids really well, but it’s my husband’s car, AND it’s completely paid off. So it’s a keeper. 😉

The 5 on the other hand WILL fit 3 kids, BUT not very comfortably. It’s a wonderful little car, I say little because that’s what it is. It’s a crossover car. While bigger then my husband’s car, it’s still not “large” by any means.  Would be VERY difficult to get the kids ALL in the car when the baby is born…

So then it hit me, well it’s been gradual really. I’m on the road to “Soccer Mom” you know..  I am not completely against vans, but the image is not what I pictured when I was young.

Alas, we have crossed over. We now own a Honda Odyssey  Yep, I am now officially a Soccer Mom. Which might be funny in the next few years as my youngest sure loves to kick a ball and is pretty good at it too. I might literally BE a Soccer Mom at some point!

Soccer mom

While it has been a process coming, it seemed to take a faster pace when I had a conversation with my mom on Thanksgiving, which then sparked me into looking at vans. Again.  I learned the gas mileage on a Honda Odyssey was actually pretty good.  It was  one of the main reasons I wanted  5 in the first place, not to mention the doors on the sides were nice.

It was decided, we would head down to Honda and “look”.  My stipulation was we would have to trade in the 5 and get the monthly payment to be almost exactly what we were already paying a month for the Mazda 5.

It turned out to be a long day, not the short day we expected. Honestly, I didn’t think we would walk away owning a Honda.  Seriously, to get what we got, it was a nice deal!  Only 8 dollars more then we pay a month AND to top it off, our insurance dropped a bit!

I am now the owner of a REAL 2012 van..

My brain hasn’t reached the whole “mom” thing, but to others, I have crossed over. I am now a TRUE Soccer Mom!

Oh boy! 😉

I have to say my boys reaction to the purchase was cute. We did purchase and sign for a van the day we went to Honda, but we didn’t receive it for a couple days. It was located at another dealer, and delivered to us.

After dinner, Jeremiah REALLY wanted to see the “newt” (his way of saying new) car.  When we walked into the garage he was THRILLED. “I like it Mommy!” he exclaimed with wide happy eyes.

Soccer Mom

Noah was indifferent really, trying to show excitement  because his brother was. Honestly I could tell he was more like “Hmm, nice. Can I explore the garage now?”

Soccer Mom

That night we went for a drive. We found lots of fun Christmas lights, and ended the night at a house that has those lights set to music.

The van proved wonderful, as the boys got out of their seats and watched through the window comfortably.

Yes, while being labeled a “Soccer Mom” is not REALLY cool, the convenience is SO worth it! 😉


  1. says

    Oh my goodness!!!!! We are a Mazda family too! :) I drive a CX9 (almost my dream car and great for those long hauls back and forth to B-ham). I loved our mini-van when the kids were your kids’ sizes, but when you’re ready to go sporty again, Mazda will welcome you back. :)

    Enjoy that clean, new Honda and all its mini-van convenience!!!
    Family Travels on a Budget recently posted..Tipping Rules Around the WorldMy Profile

    • says

      :) Mazda’s are really nice cars. I’ve always enjoyed the time at the dealers too. Honda actually was pretty good, which was nice. :)

      haha Ya, when we are ready to go “sporty” back to Mazda we go. 😉

  2. Mom says

    lol I can see the excitement in Noah’s eyes. haha I am happy you were able to get a bit larger car and with less money going out of pocket. :O) That is always a plus. It is nice looking too. :O)

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