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Social Blackout, ready for a challenge?

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of  Mom Central Consulting for MetLife. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

#SocialBlackout Badge

Whenever I think of mother’s day, I think about honoring my mother.  Now that I am a mother myself, I think about a break. *chuckle*

Some mothers might use their special day to spend time with the family, while others like to be pampered, or simply get away from it all.  I personally think it should be a day set aside to honor the mother, regardless of how she wants to be “honored”. Because we work SO hard!

Being a mother is a job where we have to keep giving of ourselves, and expect really, nothing in return. Yet the rewards DO come, constantly, don’t they?  The beautiful smile from your baby, the “I love you” from your child, and hugs. Oh how I love the hugs. No job is more work, and yet no job is more rewarding than being a mother.

I think I realized how much more my own mother put into raising me when I had children of my own. Nothing beats experience. 😉

This mother’s day, I’ll simply be visiting with family for an evening of dessert. I do not know what the day will hold, except that I am going to participate in Metlife’s #SocialBlackout.

MetLife has created the #SocialBlackout movement, which challenges everyone to log off of social media on Mother’s Day (May 12th) and give Mom the time and attention she deserves!

My children are not on social media yet, nor is my husband (amazing), so it will just be me (this will be a challenge).  Sometimes it is good to step away from your phone, tablet, or computer and disconnect to reconnect with your family.

Up for the challenge? Family up to it? Why not take a day off social media, and have some fun OFF screen. :)

Go to #SocialBlackout for more details.



    • Sarah says

      I thought so too. :) I think it will be the hardest for me, as I tend to do the whole facebook/twitter thing while breastfeeding. 😉 I’ll read a book instead.

    • Sarah says

      I was totally up for promoting this as it really does sound like a good idea! :) Hope you have a wonderful relaxing social media free day! 😉

    • Sarah says

      haha Not to well. I didn’t “get on facebook” to look around and such, but I did enter giveaways by liking pages. 😉 I found myself with Noah asleep, Abby asleep, husband at work, and Jeremiah at his Nana’s. And I thought.. social blackout to honor “mom” and I am by myself somewhat. 😉 I realized social media was “fun for this mom”. SO I entered giveaways. How did was your day?

      • says

        I was getting ready for the Alabama road trip. Rob was trying to finish Ellie’s closet and get her out of Nathan’s room and back into hers… She’s still in Nathan’s room. He’s in the bonus room. Sigh! :) Busy workday for us, but it’s the season of life that we’re in. Taking Saturday off this weekend to play, though!
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