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Susie Miss Homemaker is on vacation and I miss her!

Susie Miss Homemaker


That is how I have been feeling lately. I sure miss the Susie homemaker in me lately..

I’ve popped on Pinterest and browsed all the delicious meals and thought how I’d love to cook them, then when I step foot in the kitchen I think, “Ahh lets just have spaghetti again”.  Or thoughts about Chinese food, maybe food from Freddy’s, then there is Little Caesars.. SIMPLE oh yes those sound good too!

Where did Susie go?  I’ve pondered that as I waddle to the next room and try to pick up a toy that’s on the ground and groan. Miss Abby is rather LOW right now, so bending is getting a bit hard. Not to mention makes me totally out of breath!

I’ve plopped myself on the couch to prop my ever so swollen legs up and wonder how it all went wrong.

Miss homemaker will be back I think to myself.  She has to be back, because I’ll just grab her and force her back!

I think being just about 40 weeks (on the 15th) and just ready to pop, Miss Susie Homemaker decided to take a vacation.  What’s taken her place for now?

Little Miss Sarah; yes me.  I have always been known as the  eat out, try to get by with as little cleaning type of girl. Mind you the house isn’t in shambles.. Then again, my wonderful mother came by a little over a week ago and did a beautiful cleaning while I waddled around talking with her.  My husband, a few days ago, heard my cry’s for Miss Susie and took it upon himself while I was out to do nice cleaning as well.

As I make yet ANOTHER visit to the restroom, I’ll think about Miss Homemaker. I am sure once little Abigail comes on the scene, Susie will come back full swing.  I enjoy her company to much to let her stay away TOO long! 😉


  1. Kayla says

    I totally get where you are coming from here, I always find myself going to my easy option of chilli when I walk into the kitchen. I still like it but I need to start doing something else when I am home alone its all I eat!

  2. Mom says

    I will be glad when Susie comes back. She finds and tries some really good recipes out so I can know what they are like before I try them. Although I do like Sarah too. ;O) Abby just needs to show up! Then we can get life back to normal. Whatever that is. ;O) lol

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