LOVE these classes!

Video of Noah Walking!

I figured you would enjoy a SHORT video of little Noah walking. The other child sound was Jeremiah. He was all jazzed about Noah walking. Noah ended up getting tired pretty fast into it, but Jeremiah kept saying “Again! Again!” lol Poor Noah, he’s got a trainer for a brother! But then again, it’s nice […]

The Couch / Daylight Savings

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The Couch Tonight I decided out of the blue to try something different with my oldest, Jeremiah. We were both sitting on the couch cuddling (always fun) and I was trying to read him a book, then

Cruising Baby

Noah is less then a month away from being 1 year old! I can’t believe he’s almost one already!  I do believe he wants to walk by then. haha  In the past week or two, he has pulled himself up and “cruised” around the house by holding on to the couch and coffee table, and […]

Bath Time Fun

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The past few days I have be able to put Noah in the tub with Jeremiah. Noah is on cloud nine when this happens. He’s with his brother for one, AND in the tub, his favorite place! Jeremiah enjoys it too, he asks for Noah to be put in tub with him. It’s cute!

How Jeremiah was named


When I think back to how Jeremiah, got to be well, named Jeremiah. I am amazed!  Adam and I were sitting at home. He was on his computer playing World of Warcraft, and I was on my computer playing Sims 3.  I was just playing away, and then I heard, “Jeremiah is a good name […]