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The Kitchen

Want an Organized Kitchen? Join me as I plow through mine!

The dreaded kitchen has finally arrived. I am excited and then not all at the same time.
Excited I am FINALLY getting to it, and not because it is a big job to me..
Then again it might be surprising how easy it is.

We shall see in time.

I figured for the first part of the kitchen I would lay out the land so to speak.

The whole thing is a problem area just about. I don’t know that I CAN narrow in on certain spots, but I’ll do my best.

I wanted to take each part slowly as it’s going to take a bit of thought as to HOW I am going to do this.

As I looked around the kitchen these areas stood out to me:

Amazingly the cups, plates and bowls are stored nicely, and it’s worked the whole time. The rest of the stuff stored in the kitchen is “working” but I am not liking it. I constantly WISH it was different.

Much like last time, I’ll come back here to cross off each project as they get completed.  With this new venture, I will most likely be purchasing items to help with organizing. I had hoped to “organize with what I had” like last time, but I realized it would not work in the kitchen. Little things here and there are going to make big changes to this kitchen. I am going to try to keep the prices very low though.

Ready? I sure am!

It’s time to make this kitchen FLOW!

Look for a post on the next Kitchen project every Friday until it’s organized.


  1. Mom says

    :) Good luck. As you go through your kitchen I will get some ideas and see if I can incorporate them with things in my kitchen.

    • Sarah says

      Maybe I can come up with an idea. :) In our house the junk mail spot is my desk most of the time. ALTHOUGH there is a “drop” spot in the kitchen that drives me nuts! And I’m the one who uses it the most.. 😉


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