Want an organized home? Our “Closet” and chest of drawers

Want an organized home? Our "Closet" and chest of drawers

I want an organized home, and while it’s a slow go, it feels great to have the linen and coat closets STILL so put together, and our bedroom feeling like a place we can actually relax in.

It was time to tackle the “closet”.  I figured I would also add in my drawers as well, since they were a mess! Gosh, it seems this whole house is a mess.. And I thought I WAS more organized then this.

I find that going through cloths can be difficult. I’ve recently learned we can develop an emotional attachment to our STUFF, and well I’ve got some emotional attachments to some garments I own.

I know I haven’t worn them in FOREVER.. 6 to 7 years to be exact, but they are SO full of memories. I know, it’s silly to be talking about a T-Shirt this way.  But I did buy it while in Hawaii, serving in the US Navy. So, it’s got some interesting memories attached.

But that’s just it. It’s memories. And quite frankly, I STILL remember them, even though I have not pulled out that t-shirt to conjure those memories up.

It was time to let go.  

Want an organized home? Our "Closet" and Bathroom

It’s not a BIG change in looks, but at least they fit better. The whole thing was ready to fall over before. Now I can GET to the clothes much better. Mine are organized by color.  I also decided to put my husbands clothes on the bottom and mine on top.  His were getting in the way of my hangers and I found it hard to hang my clothes. This system seems to work better.  Granted, his clothes drag a bit, but that’s the price he  has to pay with being tall. ;)

I pulled ALL our clothes off and just dumped dumped dumped.

I learned two things:

  • I had lots to dump.
  • I don’t like MOST of my clothes.

Not a fun thing to figure out. I do believe this is part of the reason I can’t find much to wear anymore. I HAD to keep some of them, so I could HAVE clothes.  I went back through the pile to pick out clothes that I kinda liked.

I don’t loathe my clothes. Don’t get me wrong. Just don’t feel like “OH YES this is perfect! I feel like ME” in them. There are a couple that I feel this way with, and sadly I wore them so much I stained them.. BUMMER! Don’t you hate that? I still keep them. Need some good house clothes. ;)

Want an organized home? Our "Closet" and drawers

The drawers are something I go through each year it seems. I already have somewhat of a system. But laziness has a way with me, and the piles build. Soon, I am struggling to close these drawers!

It was time to purge. I had some pregnancy clothes in there that needed to be put in the “maybe someday we will have another baby pregnancy clothes box” and dumped a few that I have no interest in anymore.  I do have to say I like most of my pants.

I put that smiley face in front of the bras and underwear. No need to show you EVERY detail. ;)

I like to use shoe boxes to segregate the top drawer.  I have socks in one, underwear in another, and bras in yet another.

Want an organized home? Our "Closet" and drawers

On the path to an organized home is refreshing! One step at a time, beating laziness down.  Because once a project is done, it has to be KEPT clean in order to have complete success in this venture.

So far so good!

What I learned from cleaning my closet and drawers:

  • Learn to love the clothes I have.
  • Shoe boxes are great drawer organizers.
  • Maintain maintain maintain!

Have you organized your closet? Any tips on how you keep it organized?

Next week we tackle the basement aka the kids playroom!


    • Sarah says

      Thank you! :) It is fun to do. Something I’ve always wanted to try, but never found a way to motivate myself to do it. This time it’s coming together. I enjoy writing the posts too. :D And YES seeing the house progress into a cleaner/organized environment is completely wonderful!

    • Sarah says

      I hear you! The weight thing is a big one! I do have like 2 pants I’ve kept that I LOVED around the time I got married to Adam. I don’t know that I’ll EVER get to that weight again.. So I should probably just dump them.. But OH I loved them! If I could find a pair like them in my size.. Sadly I bought them in Canada. And the store doesn’t ship! Go figure! ;)


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