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YES, I am Happy!

Totally utterly INSANE! Do you ever feel this way?

Sometimes I do. You know when you want to just sit on the couch and stare in the distance, making a “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” noise? While you hear in the room:

“Mommy, you happy???” (I’ll explain that later)

“Mmmooommmy??” “da da da do, echo” <– that would be my youngest 😉

Ok, so I don’t sit on a couch staring, although sometimes I want to.  Normally I just prance around the house dancing and singing. You know, what insane people do.

Insanity has been on my mind more each day as my son seems to be asking me every time I cough, laugh, and sneeze “Mommy you happy?” This boy has GREAT listening abilities.  I’ll be clear across the house, sneeze and then I hear it “MOMMY YOU HAPPY!?”  “Yes yes, Jeremiah, I AM HAPPY”

I believe it all started when I was having dinner with my parents. We all got Montana Mikes burgers. Something funny was said and I laughed so hard the fry I was trying to eat got caught in my throat and caused me to laugh cough(cause it was STILL funny) for a long time.

During that time my son, ran into his room crying.He was scared of my coughing. He is sensitive like that. Hurts when others hurt. He must have thought I was hurt in some way.  I feel for him.

Non the less, he got over it, when I stopped coughing. And ever since then has said “Mommy you happy?” after EVER cough, laugh, or sneeze (not sure why the sneeze but it’s on his list of things to make sure mommy is happy after)

I am not the ONLY one alone in this though, ANYONE who laughs, coughs or sneezes is asked “Nana, are you happy?” “Grandpa, are you happy?” “Daddy, are you happy?” and the list goes on.

It’s gotten to the point where while I am in Walmart, I’ll cough and tell my mother “Yes, I am happy” even when my son is not with us.  She understands, because when we visit her, she gets to tell Jeremiah how happy she is after cough and such too.

He is a very sweet boy though, and I’ll continue to tell him that I am happy after each cough, sneeze and such. Although, I have tried to explain “Honey I think you mean, are you ok?” To which he replies “Mommy, are you ok??” “Yes, Jeremiah I am ok” then a quick “Mommy, are you happy?” will pop out RIGHT after that. At least he tries.

I am unsure when this when end, or when we will figure out WHAT exactly IT is. This I DO know, until then. I’ll be HAPPY while going ever so slowly insane! 😉


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    I feel similar to this A LOT. I tell my husband that I just want “to be”. Not really thinking or doing. Just sitting there in the moment. I think we moms get very little time like that.

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      Ya that’s true. Sometimes I just want to sit in a hot tub, but when I hear the kids outside the door and such, I am not just relaxing. I always cut my bath short to come help my husband. It would be easier to just sit in a quiet spot somewhere AWAY, not hearing anything. Ahh yes that sounds nice and peaceful. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! :)

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    Oh how cute!! Our son graduates from high school this year, and I’ve been going down memory lane recently. There’s nothing as precious as a sweet, sensitive son. I’m sure yours will carry these special traits into high school and you’ll beam with pride and love a hundred times more than you do now!!! This is a graduation album keeper! (Sure, you think you have time…)
    FamilyTravelsonaBudget recently posted..Surviving "Are we there yet?"My Profile

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      Aww, congrats to your son! I totally agree. He is sweet and precious, and his personality is unique and while I can go insane, the memories are sweet. He is a wonderful little guy. My mom thinks about my brother sometimes when she looks at my son. My brother is 32. And she would agree time flies by so fast. It’s hard to believe he’s already 3. Sometimes I sit by his bed when he is asleep and stare at him, brings me to tears even now. *sigh* Being a mother is amazing. The emotions we go through.
      It would be cute to print out the blog posts about my son and keep them for graduation. That’s a great idea! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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    He does sound like a sweet boy ! I’m sure with that kind of affectionate spirit around you, one can’t help but be truly happy! Looking forward to ‘getting to know you’ more, Sarah! Stopping by from vboks! :-)
    Joy recently posted..LongingMy Profile

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      hehe ya. :) It’s funny because if I am not happy, and he asks me his question, I really think about it, if I say well I’m frustrated, he will again say “Mommy you happy?” I can’t help but laugh and get happy most of the time.

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    Yes Sarah, your sweet boy reminds me so much of my Peter too1!! We have had versions of this too, and I have to say when they stop it, my husband and I kind of miss it!! We still use some of the lines that my oldest used when he was younger!! A big one for Tom when he was younger was anytime someone mentioned a name of anybody, he would always ask if the person was dead. I still laugh when I think of it!! What a cutie!! Enjoy!!
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      lol I would just die laughing at that. The things kids think of. 😉 They make life all that much more sweet, don’t they? :) A pleasure “seeing” you, as always. :)

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    I just love the sweet things that children say to us, and the special meanings they have. A few years ago, one night when we were putting our son to bed (at that time our only child), we were saying goodnight and my son said (to my husband) “Stinky Toots” we all started laughing, and here we are a few eyars later and he still says it at bedtime. He knows it is funny but I also think it is his unique way of saying “I love you!”
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      They are sweet aren’t they. So many adorable things. I just can’t get over his little voice. I LOVE IT.
      haha Stinky Toots. I would be like? Huh?? lol But I understand that could very well be his way of saying I love you. They can say strange things, but we just KNOW what they mean. :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

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